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AirSea Battle plan renews old hostility

(Global Times)

09:17, November 14, 2011

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that the Pentagon is preparing to announce a controversial AirSea Battle concept. This is a roadmap that could serve as a counter to China's "anti-access" capabilities, which include a nascent anti-ship ballistic missile that could hold the US Navy at bay during a regional conflict.

This new system will intensify the strategic atmosphere in the Pacific. A US official told the Washington Post that it is a milestone in treating China with new "Cold War" thinking.

It has been long argued that there is a new "Cold War" between China and the US. But a US official's acknowledgement grants it special meaning. Should this be taken as a warning to China?

If the US takes the AirSea Battle system seriously, China has to upgrade its anti-access capabilities. China should have the ability to deter any external interference but unfortunately, such a reasonable stance is seen as a threat by the US.

It is meaningless to argue the value of US and Chinese security interests. However, it is worth noting that on one hand China has no intention to drive the US out of Asia, but on the other hand, China is resolute to stand firm against any interference from the US in the event of a crisis.

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McCarthy at 2011-11-15206.125.69.*
Peace takes at least two parties. I am afraid that in this case only one party is interested in peace(China) and the other party is interested in at least the destruction of the CPC and socialism, and at most to strangle and derail the rise of China by any means necessary. This enemy is ruthless, experienced, cunning and powerful.
wende at 2011-11-1471.251.41.*
No matter what the US thinks, China should stick to its principle of modernizing PLA. The owner who locks his door securely will be a threat to the thief who wants to enter the owner's home.
helen at 2011-11-14115.132.215.*
And what do you really expect!? Just continue to live in a dream world and indulge in an unadulterated self deception and your country would be dismembered.The United States WILL NEVER EVER abandon its agenda to degrade, demonise, harass, provoke ... and of course to bring down the Chinese government and the CPC and DISMEMBER China. This is their ongoing agenda whoever sits in the white house.And in so many guises.Expedite the modernisation of the PLA and ensure that the 2nd Artillery Corps can accomplish a third nuclear strike capability.A conventional war between the United States and China is not an option. Everything would quickly deteriorate into a nuclear war. The question is, can you nuke hundreds of cities in continental USA in the event of a nuclear war?It's time too to build and deploy submarines armed with nuclear ballistic and cruise missiles in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans near to the US mainland. Even a small sovereign nation like Iran is downright sensible in planning the deployment of its navy in the Atlantic ocean. Time to reciprocate the gesture from the US!And of course every country worths its salt is weaponising space. The United States is already quite advanced in this. Space militarisation is a must strategy.The next war would be fought by nuclear submarines (carrying at least 10 missiles with multiple nuclear warheads each) and nukes shooting down from space. That's the reality!Self deception is the greatest crime that Chinese leaders could commit in the face of uninhibited military encirclement and provocations from the United States. Only the PLA can protect China from US Global Tyranny .......

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