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Vision will drive changes to ruling system (2)

(Global Times)

16:20, November 11, 2011

The system does need constant adjustment, and this is why China is under continuous reform. Such corrections are not aimed at toppling the system. There are people who aspire to a total shake-up, but regarding the nation as a whole, people would not easily be swayed by such a risky and blind move.

A system's vigor should be stimulated via individual strength. Extreme forces are always in the minority. Their demands should not simply be ignored, especially in the Internet era. Nevertheless, those people who seek progress gravitate to the middle-ground.

There is competition and even confrontation between different systems in different countries. It is hard to build a set of objective standards to assess a nation's system. Moreover, China's system has only existed for a few decades. More time is needed before we can draw a conclusion on the relationship between the system and our national and individual fates.

There is a tendency for people to judge the system and predict its future based on personal values. Society should return to the spirit of reason and science, so as to provide realistic suggestions and thoughts for the nation's reform.

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