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Vision will drive changes to ruling system

(Global Times)

16:19, November 11, 2011

The term "system," or structure of government, has been at the center of heated discussions in recent years. Some attribute China's various problems to the "original sin" of system. But the everyday use of "system" is more complicated.

The Chinese people are often divided into two groups. Those working for government departments, administrative institutions and SOEs are considered winners who stay within the system, enjoying stable salaries, good benefits and a strong sense of security. The rest, however, are seen as losers abandoned by the system.

Such divisions are not accurate. The real system, with both government and non government sectors, is so colossal and complicated that it includes almost all citizens. Whether one works for the government is not the sole element guiding one's life. The factors that influences individual success have become much more diversified.

China has long provided legal protection to the private sector. For a long time, foreign firms received preferential treatment. Many Chinese have become rich through establishing private companies or working for foreign business giants. Can we say these people are castaways of the system?

China's system has resulted in spectacular growth over the past decades but it also has shortcomings which may stifle further development. There is no perfect system. The most important thing is whether a system can continuously bring social progress and lead a nation forward.

In other words, the quality of a system depends on its strength to drive a society in a positive direction. But at the moment, the public demand for improvements to the system grows faster than real changes.

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The proletariat and the peasants, represented by the CPC, are in power in China and I hope they never give that up. Those who want to overthrow the system would end up with the bourgeoise in power and they only represent a tiny minority of the population. People in China have a future. The future for the Western working class under capitalism is bleak indeed.

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