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Keeping a cool head crucial ahead of big events

(Global Times)

15:01, November 09, 2011

The elections of grass-roots delegates for the 18th CPC National Congress began last week. The long-awaited event will gradually become the center of attention in Chinese society. Its influence will be felt across all levels of government and the economy. Its tendrils will even lap at the shores of the entire world.

But as this crucial event approaches, it will be not easy for Chinese society to maintain an ordinary mentality over the next year until the congress is held. Out of habit, China puts its best face on and seeks to weed out improper disturbances.

However, the environment for China is changing. The pace of life is speeding up and a variety of problems is cropping up. It is costlier to tackle a problem through regulation alone. Regarding big events, today's "favorable environment" has new meaning. Chinese society needs to adapt to new situations.

Keeping the country on an even keel will require tackling new situations.

We will anticipate the arrival of this congress with passion and preparation. However, this does not mean we must be overly cautious and seek to stamp out all mishaps. We should not try to hide problems, an attitude that would do credit to the Party and wider society.

Since key personnel changes will happen around the 18th CPC National Congress, it is obvious that accidents happening during this period could affect the new face of the Party. This makes people more cautious and even nervous. It is understandable,   but too much strain will have a negative impact.

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