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China can learn from US big picture strategy

(Global Times)

09:16, November 08, 2011

Qiao Liang, Chinese Air Force Major General.

Editor's Note:

China's development and the relative decline of the US has become the prevailing narrative of the past decade. But is China powerful enough to throw its weight around? What advantages does the US still have over China? Phoenix Weekly (PW) talked to Chinese Air Force Major General Qiao Liang (Qiao), a professor at the Air Command College, on these issues.

PW: Some analysts hold that China has enjoyed peaceful development, while the strategic blunders of the US mired it in war in the Middle East. Do you agree?

Qiao: No. This analysis seemingly believes it was a single wrong decision that put the US where it is today. However, the 9/11 attacks were unexpected but the Iraq War was inevitable.

The US war against Iraq didn't start because Iraq possibly had weapons of mass destruction, but because Saddam Hussein ended the settlement of the oil trade in dollars.

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PEACE LOVER at 2011-11-08182.68.174.*
Great eye opening Article.......not able to understand will any one deposit money in a bank which is on the verge of Default and arm twisting its depositers? Why u r keeping high forex reserves with US? rather buy Gold, silver or anything with that FOREX reserves, easy to defend assets within your own country rather somewhere outside.In 1979,When US have conflict with Iran,toppled democratically elected govt in Iran and put there dummy as ruler,they seized there Forex which were lying in US. PEACE FOR ALL.

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