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US has no stomach for South China Sea military clash (2)

By Long Tao (Global Times)

16:49, November 03, 2011

The US hasn't tackled the financial crisis well, and the outbreak of the debt crisis in Europe makes it difficult for the US to recover anytime soon. Without money, the US army will crash and burn. The emerging Occupy Wall Street movements have spread to the whole country, which makes the White House more cautious about starting a new war.

Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, presented "America's Pacific Century" recently, saying that Sino-US relations cannot fail, which means that the US and China cannot have a military confrontation. Otherwise, the global ambitions of the US will fail. The Korean War brought benefits to Japan. If war happens in the South China Sea, Russia will become the winner.

During the Cold War, the US always played this kind of psychological game, forcing other countries make concessions to avoid direct conflict with the US. In the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Soviet Union gave in. After that, the US constantly reaped benefits from its stick-and-carrot policy. Now, the US instigates China's neighbors to play such tricks. China should show its determination to tell US that its balancing policy won't work in the South China Sea.

China insists on peace. However, the US and other countries make use of this insistence as a tool to press China now. We should stop insisting on sticking to peace when other countries are challenging our bottom line again and again.

As long as China becomes strong and powerful in right way, the countries that pay most attention to their own security interests will stop their defiance and get back to the friendship and partnership with neighboring countries.

The author is a strategic analyst of the Energy Fund Committee.

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Concerned Earthling at 2012-02-0759.175.220.*
Why bother writing this in English? It"s obviously aimed at an ignorant audience. China blocks real news websites but allows this rot, Shame.
hola at 2011-12-02119.92.159.*
US is serious, US on these matters is very serious. I don"t think US is afraid of China. Just continue following the drama. Just do it.
Keep dreaming at 2011-11-2687.247.126.*
guys, I guess this utopian imperialist bul*shit to oppose the west will never die. it died in the Soviet Union, eastern europe, but I see that china still has a long way to come. I'm glad that I live in Lithuania and that at least it is over here. God bless the US, our Atlantic friends.
Ian G at 2011-11-20202.124.74.*
RE: Sam Teng "These countries should be taught a lesson....." Is this the same as Deng Xiaoping"s lesson to Vietnam in 1979? China should remember the lessons it got from that debacle and stay at home. :-)
LL at 2011-11-13120.136.42.*
This article is so one-sided and agenda driven. It is completely biased. Pure propaganda. America is the leader of the free world, and the strongest force in history for human rights and the betterment of mankind. China's people are dominated and controlled by a minority of oppressive tyrants. You guys have to spread your lies and propaganda. Thank goodness most Chinese people understand this.

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