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How to view public, government opinion realms?

By Zhang Yin  (People's Daily)

08:12, November 01, 2011

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Who is shaping China's online public opinion?

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

Beijing, Nov. 1 (PD Online) --Reporter: Some put forward the definition of "two opinion realms": One is made up of traditional mainstream media agencies, such as party newspapers and state-owned TV stations, while the other is the non-governmental opinion realm made up of BBS and blogs, notably microblogs.

There are often some disconnects between the two realms and sometimes even conflicts. Whether we are discussing public monitoring of the government, news reports or the guidance of public opinion, all of these issues are affected by the question of filling the gap between the two realms and improving smooth exchanges and dialogues between them.

Wang Yukai: In fact, the non-governmental opinion realm and the government opinion realm usually overlap and even coincide. For instance, in response to some big events in 2008, the voices of official mainstream media agencies were highly compatible and consistent with non-governmental voices. The online non-governmental opinions about the Wenchuan earthquake, the Beijing Olympic torch relay and the "March 14 incident" in Tibet were not only completely consistent with that of the government, but they also exceeded the expectations of the government.

Internet users almost all stood on the side of the government and showed public opinions about the rioting incident in Tibet in 2008

After the Beijing Olympic torch relay was protested abroad, Chinese Internet users called on overseas Chinese to protect the torch relay, which had a great impact.

When all information was unavailable in the wake of the Wenchuan earthquake on May 12, 2008, the first piece of information was sent out from Beichuan through QQ instant messenger. Then, Internet users took the lead in calling for donations to the earthquake-hit areas, and many of them volunteered to offer assistance there.

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