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Chinese influence on Toronto growing

By Wang Piyi (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

15:36, October 31, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Beijing, Oct. 30 (PD Online) --Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and around 600,000 of the city's more than 3 million residents are Chinese. As the number of Chinese living in Toronto has increased rapidly in recent years, many people have jokingly called the city "Huarenduo," which means "lots of Chinese people."

Because the number of Chinese students at the prestigious University of Toronto has also increased sharply, the university has earned the nickname of "University of Huarenduo."

I arrived at the hotel at 9 p.m. and saw a Chinese advertisement for a dental clinic on a LED sign beside the front entrance of the hotel. I had the impression that most overseas Chinese were engaged in the restaurant, supermarket and tourism industries, and a dental clinic set up by a Chinese would be quite an achievement.

However, my friend told me that Chinese set up many dental clinics in Toronto. As more and more high-caliber talent move from China to Canada, overseas Chinese are gradually integrating into the Canadian society, and many of them have become civil servants, senior executives of multinational corporations or doctors in public hospitals.

Part of multicultural society

As the number of Chinese immigrants steadily increases and their power in every class of Canadian society grows, the Chinese culture is having increasingly great influence on native Canadians. For example, getting a Chinese name has become a fashion for Canadian political figures.

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how many at 2011-11-01221.127.43.*
Absconding corrupt officials are there among the Chinese population of Toronto?
Anthony Oland at 2011-11-0167.70.107.*
We Ontarians are most fortunate to be able to include Chinese Canadians among us.There are many Toronto areas of Chinada to enjoy, the more the merrier!

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