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China's development no threat to Japan

By Ye Xiaowen (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

10:45, October 28, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The key to developing forward-looking China-Japan relations lies in advancing the two systematic programs of deepening mutual political trust and boosting exchanges between the people of the two countries, said Tang Jiaxuan, head of the Chinese delegation to the fifth 21st Century Committee for China-Japan Friendship, at the third annual meeting of the body.

"I have pointed out during my talks with Former Japanese Ambassador to China Koreshige Anami that the late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping once said that some problems between China and Japan could be left to future generations to resolve," Tang said.

Anami replied that we are simply the later generation that Deng spoke of.

Well, we should gain more wisdom as a later generation of Chinese and Japanese who were pioneers in forging friendly ties between the two countries. It is just like what Anami said that China and Japan established the friendly ties just because they overcame their differences.

Given the differences in values, the two countries had found a common ground and treated each other in a friendly manner. Therefore, China and Japan established official diplomatic ties in the 1980s. Thereafter, although their differences in values have narrowed because of China's market-oriented economic development, the problems between the two countries have been on the rise.

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Concerned at 2011-12-2971.249.72.*
This is embarrassing for China. A powerful country like China should not have to submit itself to puny countries. If those countries do not respect China"s authority then China should have no problem doing as it sees fit.
PD User at 2011-11-03210.177.156.*
One problem with any attempt to solve the problem can be seen in your statement. China ALWAYS negotiates only on the premise those disputed islands are theres. That's no way to conduct a negotiation, at lest if you really want it to succeed.
Pan Asian at 2011-10-31220.255.1.*
Either the current bureaucrats lacked problem solving skills or simply trying to avoid the problems under their watch to stay in their comfort zones. If you refer to the islands dispute in South China Sea, has the dispute got simpler or complicated as time progresses? Just like cancer or tumor detected early in the human body, do you wait until it has reached terminal stage to diagnosis it? While the Chinese waits, the other four Asean claimants are building up their military arsenals from the very oil revenues generated from the disputed areas to protect their new found gooses that lay fat golden eggs. What if the future generations are unable to solve the problem, then China will lose immensely more than one generation of oil and gas revenues not just at the South China Sea but also the East China Sea area as well. When the late Chinese leader Deng said that, he had his reasons as China just barely recovered from the after effects of the Cultural Revolution, but last 10 years ago, China was already at a more stable platform and weight to address these disputes. While China remains undecided and in a happy wait mode, the surge of oil and gas prices on the world market will continue to be unabated in years to come.
wende at 2011-10-2971.125.85.*
I hate it when I hear that some Chinese officials are telling foreigners that we can leave these problems between nations to the next generations. Every officials are there to solve current problems as best they can. By leaving present problems to the next generations will only overwhelm them. Besides, by saying that, Chinese officials are showing their soft spine. Be man enough to take up your chores and do them.
SinoNippon at 2011-10-28175.139.237.*
like your let me know many news of China and other countries and the articles are good

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