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US motives in Africa questioned

(People's Daily)

16:56, October 26, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

According to a report by Kenya's newspaper on Oct. 23, U.S. special envoy to Kenya Scott Gration said on the same day that the United States has offered technical support to Kenya's military operations in Somalia.

Gration said that the United States has not dispatched troops to Somalia, yet it will try its best to help Kenyan military to complete their tasks. Furthermore, the United States is also mulling over providing Kenya with medium and long-term support. According to a report by East African newspaper on Oct. 23, the United States has used unmanned aircraft to directly attack Al-Shabab.

U.S. Special Forces to deploy in three central African countries

U.S. President Barack Obama announced a plan on Oct. 14 to send about 100 Special Forces to central Africa to help the army of Uganda to fight the Lord's Resistance Army. The first batch of the troops arrived in Uganda on Oct. 12. An African newspaper said on Oct. 21 that this would be the biggest military deployment of the United States in the region in recent years.

"Deploying these U.S. armed forces furthers U.S. national security interests and foreign policy," Obama said.

It is generally believed that in addition to combating terrorism and securing a new foothold in Africa, the United States also aims to grab more African resources through the mission in Uganda. Obama failed to mention how long the U.S. troops will stay in Central Africa, but according to the U.S. military, it will be a long-term deployment, and the U.S. troops will not leave until they make sure the government forces in the region are able to independently protect themselves.

Africa opposes outside military intervention

Many African media outlets have expressed their worries about the active role of U.S. troops on the continent. In fact, most African countries are opposed to foreign military intervention in their internal affairs. For example, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has made it clear that the U.S. troops should not directly fire on the LRA.

In recent years, Africa's status in the United States' global strategy rose once again. On the one hand, the United States' anti-terrorism operations have driven some terrorists to some weak African countries and the United States is afraid that these terrorists may unite with local anti-government forces to form terrorist organizations like the Al-Qaeda, leading to turbulences in the Africa and making the anti-terrorism situation of the United States more difficult.

On the other hand, the Lord's Resistance Army and the Somali Youth Party may severely threaten such countries as the South Sudan, Angola and Somalia, and therefore the United States could infiltrate into these countries in the name of safeguarding the security and stability of the region so that it could strengthen its influence and protest its interests.


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Chinhomiah at 2011-10-30175.156.74.*
The Americans would have us believe that everything their companies do are squeaky clean. Netizens should follow what is going on in the Freeport McMoRon mine in Papua, where the workers have been asking for better salary (than the current starvation wages they're paid) and better working conditions. Now there is talk of an increase in US assistance to the Indonesian military. Can American lawmakers be that naive as not to recognise that this aid will only be used by the Indonesian army to suppress the Papuan people and their desire for their own state. The hypocraisy of American foreign policy is often such that it focuses on so-called human rights abuses in China, but conveniently ignore the genuine cases in countries that the US find strategically useful as it tries to forge an anti-China containment policy throughout the world.
PD User at 2011-10-3024.26.135.*
Amen brothers. Whatever you do, do not imitate America or the rest of the west. Stay with the best! Stay with Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. It has brought you vibrant economic growth, a better society and a bright future. And it has brought you the respect of the rest of the world. Ignore the siren song of the west. Stay with Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. Jack Smith, USA
OverseaChinese at 2011-10-3060.54.25.*
Be wary of the West! The biggest crooks in the world. They are the main culprit of today"s world problems and trying to demonize China as the bogeyman thru their media.
PD User at 2011-10-28175.141.84.*
Mention of Rio Tinto, I immediately remember a smiling, Manadrin speaking Australian Prime Minister Kelvin Rudd who spent a lot of time in China and smiled a lot to the Chinese. But he is also the one who told USA to use the "bomb" on China!This is the type of character we face in the West, Africans should have a lot of experiences on these faked faces. So BE VERY CAREFUL AFRICANS!!!
PD User at 2011-10-27115.133.39.*
All mainland Chinese should read the articles(especially on China) They should also read what Dr. Paul Robert Craig say about US objectives in Africa..Both of them say that the current US/NATO push into Africa (Libya, Uganda, Somalia, Kenya, Ivory Coast, etc., soon into Nigeria perhaps)is the implementation of AFRICOM"s real objectives of denying or obstructing China"s access to Africa"s resources, even if China pays for them at market prices and gifts huge infrastructure projects.The "Human Rights" agitation by the West in Africa and Asia/Mid-East is just a camouflage to deny China"s access to oil and resources. (Note the "Save Darfur Scam", and the protests in Guinea. Watch out for more staged "human rights abuses"protests against Chinese companies worldwide. Note too the jealous hypocritical preaching of the West to Africa about the "peril of Chinese investments" like Cameron did, like Nooke of Germany did. Nooke was totally absurd in claiming China was responsible for the famine in Somalia because she leases land for farming.China is not even in Somalia!! The famine in Somalia is caused by US/NATO"s destruction of the country in their FAKE WAR on terror.Now the fake war is extending to Kenya.)Watch Tarpley"s videos on NATO/USA"s plans for worldwide domination ,on the YouTube. Go to "RUSSIA TODAY" channel on YouTube and you will see Tarpley ( a brilliant historian and political analyst) and Dr. Paul Robert Craig giving their insightful views on USA/NATO"s global dominance strategies.Keep surfing, Chinese. The dangers are aplenty outside in the world, waiting to hit you.Do not trust the mainstream media of the West.Look at Rio Tinto"s scuppering of the 18 billion China"s Chinalco intended investment in Australia by using the stereotyped scare of "the brutality of the PLA in Tienanmen".China, use the images of the destruction of Libya and the horrors of Abu Ghraib"s torture TO JUSTIFY OUR DENIAL OF THE OPENING OF OUR MARKET TO US AND EUROPEAN COUNTRIES.PLAY THE SAME GAME !!!!

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