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Does China's space program threaten US?

By An Hui (China Youth Daily)

16:54, October 25, 2011

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

The successful launch of China's first space lab module Tiangong 1 has earned high praise of space experts from around the world. China will send the unmanned Shenzhou 8 spacecraft to space in the near future to dock with Tiangong 1, paving the technological foundation for the construction of a manned space station.

Exploring space is the common pursuit of mankind. The achievement of China's manned space program will surely be the common wealth of mankind. However, when space experts from around the world applauded the launch of Tiangong 1, talk of a Chinese "space threat" emerged in the United States.

Particularly, former NASA Administrator Michael Griffin recently said at a hearing of NASA's supervision committee that China has almost the same strength as the United States as a strong space competitor. He will be very concerned about the future of the United States if the country is no longer regarded as the world's leader.

Why are many Americans so sensitive to China's space achievements? David M. Lampton, the greatest U.S.-based living authority on China and director of the China Studies Program at Johns Hopkins University, said in an interview in January that Europe was facing economic problems, and Japan also had its own problems. The United States, while facing fewer problems than its allies, was still very sensitive. Probably this is why the Americans are so sensitive to China’s space achievements.

"A nation which at a particular moment in history finds itself at the peak of its power is particularly exposed to the temptation to forget that all power is relative. It is likely to believe that the superiority it has achieved is an absolute quality to be lost only through stupidity or neglect of duty," Hans Morgenthau, a renowned U.S. political scientist, wrote in his book "Politics Among Nations: The Struggle for Power and Peace."


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ASEAN at 2011-10-31220.255.1.*
@Jean-Francois Morf,The American Apollo moon landing was faked to fool the whole mankind.Neil Armstrong was supposed to be the first man to walk on the moon.But this was all lie. Because he never walked on the moon. American did not send anyone to the moon.Neil Armstrong was given US$5,000 to swear on the Bible that he had walked on the moon.He dare not take the challenge, so obviously no man ( including Neil Armstrong ) has ever walk on the moon.The US is not only lying to the whole world but to its citizens as well.Please see the following : - seeing these, you decide.
ASEAN at 2011-10-29220.255.2.*
like your let me know many news of China and other countries and the articles are good
PD User at 2011-10-28220.255.2.*
read news from your website, know many news of China and other countries from it, i like it very much
PD User at 2011-10-28195.191.66.*
your website is good, i like it very much, and i like read news from your website, it let me know many news of China and other countries
TK Lim at 2011-10-2727.54.24.*
China may be a late comer in space exploration but in decades to come its space exploration will benefit its poeple socially, economically, politically and militarily. This nation is not only capable of feeding its 1.4 billion population, it is able to confront the US on any issue in a few decades to come if it needs to be. If the US regards China as a friend, it will be well treated. If it opts to be a foe, the US would be extremely uncomfortable with many issues. China is not Iraq or Afghanistan, it is both a soft and hard super power and no one can ever stop the Chinese in developing its own indigenous space technology. The US should learn to accept this hard fact and be less arrogant. Long live China's space program! Long Live Chairman Mao! Long Live the People's Republic of China!

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