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China's global business needs backup of military power

By Mo Luo (Global Times)

10:57, October 25, 2011

Illustration: Liu Rui

I read on a microblog the other day that it is dangerous to be an extremist country. The author argues that people will shun it as they will shun an extreme person, and that China needs friends. He accuses people who want to use China's military might to guard its business of being stuck in an imperialist 19th century mentality that China suffered from when invaded by Britain during the opium wars.

I'd like to talk about such narratives. The West has used military operations to guard its business interests for the past 500 years, from the era of open piracy to the current days of the market economy.

The West opened Chinese markets with cannons in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). To preserve its Indian market, 50,000 British and 200,000 Indian soldiers were stationed in India. The idea of literally conquering foreign markets has not lost momentum in the 21st century. Take the US interventions in the Middle East, for instance.

On the other hand, Chinese companies are left to face foreign markets without the sense of security granted by a military presence. Stood in the market defenseless, we are facing fierce Western competitors who bullied their way into the market and so can set the rules of the game. A noticeable recent example is the military intervention by the West in Libya that posed a grand total of over $10 billion of investment from China at great risk.

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avatar singh at 2011-10-3192.28.240.*
so true. rusia and china msut pool resources to thwart the anglosaxon piracy of denying the chinse any share evn int ehbackyards of china.How the Empire will Prevail: Will Washington Foment War Between China and India?by Dr. Paul Craig RobertsWhat is Washington’s solution for the rising power of China?The answer might be to involve China in a nuclear war with India.The staging of the fake death of bin Laden in a commando raid that violated Pakistan’s sovereignty was sold to President Obama by the military/security complex as a way to boost Obama’s standing in the polls.The raid succeeded in raising Obama’s approval ratings. But its real purpose was to target Pakistan and to show Pakistan that the US was contemplating invading Pakistan in order to make Pakistan pay for allegedly hiding bin Laden next door to Pakistan’s military academy. The neocon, and increasingly the US military position, is that the Taliban can’t be conquered unless NATO widens the war theater to Pakistan, where the Taliban allegedly has sanctuaries protected by the Pakistan government, which takes American money but doesn’t do Washington’s bidding.Pakistan got the threat message and ran to China. On May 17 Pakistan’s prime minister, Yousaf Raza Gilani, as he departed for China declared China to be Pakistan’s “best and most trusted friend.” China has built a port for Pakistan at Gwadar, which is close to the entrance of the Strait of Hormuz. The port might become a Chinese naval base on the Arabian Sea.Raza Rumi reported in the Pakistan Tribune (June 4) that at a recent lecture at Pakistan’s National Defense University, Husain Haqqani, Pakistan’s ambassador to the US, asked the military officers whether the biggest threat to Pakistan came from within, from India, or from the US. A majority of the officers said that the US was the biggest threat to Pakistan.China, concerned with India, the other Asian giant that is rising, is willing to ally with Pakistan. Moreover, China doesn’t want Americans on its border, which is where they would be should Pakistan become another American battleground.Therefore, China showed its displeasure with the US threat to Pakistan, and advised Washington to respect Pakistan’s sovereignty, adding that any attack on Pakistan would be considered an attack on ChinaI do not think China’s ultimatum was reported in the US press, but it was widely reported in India’s press. India is concerned that China has stepped up to Pakistan’s defense.The Chinese ultimatum is important, because it is a WWI or WWII level of ultimatum. With this level of commitment of China to Pakistan, Washington will now seek a way to maneuver itself out of the confrontation and to substitute India.The US has been fawning all over India, cultivating India in the most shameful ways, including the sacrifice of Americans’ jobs. Recently, there have been massive US weapons sales to India, US-India military cooperation agreements, and joint military exercises.Washington figures that the Indians, who were gullible for centuries about the British, will be gullible about the “shining city on the hill” that is “bringing freedom and democracy to the world” by smashing, killing, and destroying. Like the British and France’s Sarkozy, Indian political leaders will find themselves doing Washington’s will. By the time India and China realize that they have been maneuvered into mutual destruction by the Americans, it will be too late for either to back down.With China and India eliminated, that only leaves Russia, which is already ringed by US missile bases and isolated from Europe by NATO, which now includes former constituent parts of the Soviet Empire. A large percentage of gullible Russian youth admires the US for its “freedom” (little do they know) and hates the “authoritarian” Russian state, which they regard as a continuation of the old Soviet state. These “internationalized Russians” will side with Washington, more of less forcing Moscow into surrender.As the rest of the world, with the exception of parts of South America, is already part of the American Empire, Russia’s surrender will let the US focus its military might on South America. Chavez will be overthrown, and if others do not fall into line, more examples will be made.The only way the American Empire can be stopped is for China and Russia to realize their danger and to form an unbreakable alliance that reassures India, breaks off Germany from NATO and defends Iran.
avatar singh at 2011-10-3192.28.240.*
4th June, 2007.President putin is wrong when he says that russia should or will target the missile on europe if america goes with anti missile defence plan in Europe.Russia must target (rather than should) the nuclear missiles with multiple war heads against all the cities, towns and big villages( including military instalations) of england because this cold war -like the one before- is being started by england for the benefit of english race is race war between the english parasite race versus the rest of the world-the sooner the rest of the world realizes that better it is for the world.look how germany wes villified soon after fall of soviet union-look how russia is being vilified immediately after Putin made russia strong.look how american has been isntagated for perpetaul awar by the british bastards. Aritish spy naill faergussan and huntingtosn go to usa and preach hatred and racial inflammmatory speech telling americans that the time for religious and civilization war has come-why do these english bastards not figtht their war by thier own means rather than on shoulders of american arms?thse same biriths bastrds talking of religious(chrisitan and muslim ) war propagandasie hispanics, iriash , ger,ams , french as not in american chritisan groups. they also do not think those white europeans to be thier kind wich desreves to be ion america-such is the evil propaganda of britihs spies inside america. .poland is nothing but a proxy for the british bastards.itis no use targetting poland -target the main villain which is england and the english race which m ust be aniihilated fromt the face of the world.=============================================================28th april,2007.The foreign policy sections of Putin's Message were relatively brief, but pointed. They continued what he began Feb. 10 in his speech to the Munich "Wehrkunde" Conference on Security. Putin zeroed in on the types of programs that go by the name of Project Democracy (since the founding of the U.S. National Endowment for Democracy, in the 1980s):"There are those who, making clever use of pseudodemocratic phraseology, would like to bring back the recent past: some, in order to be able to loot our national wealth with impunity, as in the past, to rob the people and the state; others, to strip our country of its economic and political independence. In addition, there is a growing influx of foreign money, used for direct interference in our internal affairs. If we look to more distant times in the past, we see that during the hey-day of colonialism, there was talk about an alleged civilizing role of the colonizing states. Today, 'democraticizing' slogans are used. But the goal is the same: to achieve unilateral advantage for one's own benefit and interests."
miketheman at 2011-10-3081.206.61.*
China Must build and/or improve it's military-industrial complex!Without a military-industrial complex China will not be able to counter the westerners!The usa for this moment has tge biggest industrial military complex...
Vitaly at 2011-10-25222.56.21.*
Very true. Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is but the latest example. Idiocy of traitor to working people around the world Mikhail Gorbachev with his "New Thinking" concept of rejecting "image of enemy" to substitute reality with wishful thinking, is much more tragic one. The clock of history was reset back to the mid 1800s.I only hope that Chinese people understand it fully well and follow maxim of the American president Teddy Roosevelt - Keep quiet and carry big stick. This maxim is thoroughly forgotten in his land. American imperialists disguised as globalists are very loud while their stick is hollow. It was, is and will always be the classical gun powder Empire suppressing people with bows and arrows, so to speak, by the way of bribing and seducing their corrupted leaders.Demise of Russia, prior to Great October Revolution is gun powder Empire herself, in spite of its tragedy for the people of the former Communist Block, has unexpected consequences for the “Free Market” sub-world. It greatly accelerated the process of losing sense of reality within American ruling clique, thereby bringing demise of the current parasitic structure to foreseeable future. Vladimir Lenin was quite correct speculating 100 years ago that for the profit capitalists would be willing to sell to their gravediggers the very rope by which they will be hanged. But even Lenin underestimated their greediness. He could not imagine that in pursuit of greater profits American business community will bring the manufacturing facilities to their gravediggers.What an irony!
chinese at 2011-10-2574.233.56.*
propaganda bull

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