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Russia can find correct position in world

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

13:14, October 21, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The West believes, "Russia has never made certain its correct position in the world" and has therefore always been concerned about the future choices of Russia. After Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who is expected to become Russia's next president, proposed to bring ex-Soviet states into a "Eurasian Union," Western media said that it is a "challenge to the West" and believed that "a new battle for hearts and minds begins in the former Soviet Union - and it runs the risk of losing the West."

The responses of the West are full of stereotypical ideologies. The ironies are apparently aimed at Putin and virtually at Russia's political system. Some Westerners assert that Putin should not have the opportunity to become the president again. Otherwise, Russia will face the "restoration of the Soviet empire." Such groundless judgments are very common in the West.

It is unrealistic to require the West to go beyond its own limitations to view non-Western political systems in a calmer manner. The West will not give up its own paranoiac criteria and embrace rational and fair criteria.

Calm observations will help people to have a better understanding of the West's complicated mindsets: Under the leadership of Putin as a strong politician, Russia is unlikely to initiate the reforms that the West expects.

The West is certainly unwilling to deal with an antagonistic Russia. If Russia cannot accept the arrangements made by the West, the "polar bear"
had better stay aside or even enter into a state of "hibernation for the winter."

However, instead of going into hibernation, Russia is becoming more active on the international stage. It has developed its own plans for establishing a new international political and economic order and setting up a geopolitical chessboard in the region of the former Soviet Union and has recently vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution.

Russia, which has made major mistakes in choosing its development path, should carry out reforms according to its own conditions. The country will neither take the old path of the Soviet Union nor advance in a way as the Western world expects. Western countries’ worries reflect their unwillingness to see a multi-polar world.

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Roshan Mashoor at 2011-11-0990.192.166.*
USA and UK under the brand so called west are living in their blissful ignorance and its blatantly in denial in acknowledging the reality that Russia is huge power and its increasingly assertive in its own ways. current American consternation is due to the fact its hegemony is already in decline. Britain should proclaim some self esteem by not jumping the band wagon with USA. we are already in a multi polar world
Berik at 2011-10-2287.247.10.*
Strong ties between Russia and China are good for both countries and for the whole world. However, there is still very little exchange, very little understanding and knowledge about each other in both countries. Common opposition against the Western domination is not sufficient ground for the effective cooperation. Friendship based on the opposition against the third party may not be long lasting. Moreover, in such case US and UK may have more incentive to instigate conflicts in Central Asia and create conflicts between China and Russia.
romanov at 2011-10-2180.94.16.*
2011-10-21.Russia to be unreliable states its system politic"s support on Putin"s machine security.Great corrupt.Russia not to solve border"s problems with neighbour"s.To count on question-what russian government"s to make with the succesr throne Romanov that is my.Murderer,to rob how grave robber to rob corpse myy family and my coast of arms my own private how emblem states.What"s to improve or oneself Russia? Nothing.This states without face.How to be they culture?.Can to have culture??
helen at 2011-10-21175.136.169.*
A "Eurasian Union" is the greatest geo-political concept in the 21st century. Putin, like other great leaders before him, has excellent vision and his "Eurasian Union" would be a challenge to US Global Tyranny and of course NATO.If anything Putin should be praised for working rapidly towards a Multi-polar world when small helpless sovereign nations would no longer be at the mercy of United States and its own axis-of-tyranny.Go Putin Go! You are truly great and shall be remembered in New Russian history as Putin the Great!
xa xa xa at 2011-10-2168.173.166.*
please there is no need for very bad and explanations to be in your sheng has no understanding of the reality and the potential of russia he repeats what is distributed by the failed capitalist scum .i feel sorry for him.

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