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Chinese should see warning in Western demos

By Liu Zhiqin (Global Times)

09:08, October 21, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Discussing the development modes of various countries has turned into a hot topic in recent years. It is hard to determine which one is the best, but all people agree that as long as it is suitable for a country, it is the best for the country.

Let us take the system of centralized authority as an example. Centralized authority was the mainstream feature of the political systems of almost all Asian countries for the past thousands of years. China has been practicing this system for a long time: Centralized authority governs all walks of life of the country vertically and the power is centralized in the hands of social administrators. It could be said that Asian people are actually quite adapted to this kind of system.

The success of China's Reform and Opening-Up has proved how necessary and important this kind of centralized authority is to such a complicated and diversified country. It is unjust that some people deny or impugn the positive function of centralization. China actually did not completely inherit the experience of Asian countries' centralized authorities, but rather China developed and carried forward the advantages of the system to the maximum and weakened the disadvantages of the system as much as possible.

The greatest risk stemming from centralization in Asian countries lies in how to balance the relationship among "power, rights and interests." Social administrators have power, but they should not only respect the rights of the masses but also translate the rights of the masses into their tangible interests. The reason behind the problems facing Chinese society lies in that social administrators lack the ability to fully turn individual rights promised by the constitution into the interests enjoyed by all citizens.

Many Americans have staged public demonstrations over the past several weeks in a hope to boost their own interests that they regard as their fundamental rights. However, the magnates on Wall Street are reluctant to give up their power. Furthermore, it is very difficult for the existing U.S. system to harmonize their relationship so that the "Occupy Wall Street" movement will unlikely have a perfect ending. Therefore, the Chinese people must have their own thought and cannot blindly belittle themselves when discussing the advantages and disadvantages of other countries' development patterns.

It has been proven over the past 20 years that a country will achieve success if its development path meets the needs of its people. Whether or not a country should adopt Western standards depends on whether these standards meet the needs of its people. Japan has strictly followed the Western path of development and succeeded, while China has adopted a unique development path and also made remarkable progress. Foreign countries' experiences and mistakes are "treasure" for China's development, but China has the right to make use of the "treasure" in its own way.

There are nearly 200 sovereign countries in the world, and each country has its own "road to success." A country will achieve success if its development path suits its own conditions, otherwise it will regress and encounter countless problems. Industrialization, urbanization, modernization, and other elements that make up a country's "hardware" are relatively easy to achieve, while democratic reforms and other elements making up the "software" are far more difficult. If not properly handled, they will cause great troubles.

In view of this, China should remain patient and prudent in carrying out the democratic reforms step by step. The popular “street politics” in the United States and European countries should serve as a wake-up call for Chinese leaders to develop national development strategies with a clear head.


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sAPsbIBYku at 2011-11-16195.189.46.*
PD User at 2011-11-01124.169.54.*
You mean the West are really free and transparent? They intrude in when you are in a chaotic state. Whatever issues do help them in this cause they will embark and hound you like a pack of wolves. You mean there is no means to channel your opinions in China. Any govt will not like mob rule and chaos.
PD User at 2011-11-01113.210.226.*
China should only focus his own politics system as proved as work and successful compared other western countries. China got it plan and it own history for reference. FOLLOW as GUIDE that SUCCESFUL and failure like US.
PD User at 2011-10-3180.94.16.*
2011-10-31.China to become democratic a bit similar to West but own characteristic.To force liberties to do modern economy.Western pattern not to possibly employ in China a such move to bring situation how to middle east-eternal chaos.China be mentality and culture's other need own democracy society a idea.Modern States with all right's of society and a such them that States so to have right's.Blind imitation western pattern to lead to create idiot's society.west dream a to fall chinese system already 61 well, to allow West still dream a such democratic's.To want dream-dream.
PD User at 2011-10-30175.156.74.*
American propaganda has been predicting the collapse of communism and the Chinese Communist Party for umpteen decades. Much of this prediction is a function of wishful thinking than actual understanding of realities. Ironically, it is capitalism - or the manner in which it is practised in America - that is being seriously questioned, if not challenged, throughout the world. The excesses of the American capitalist system were tolerated as long as there were no problems growing the national economic pie. But this is no longer the case after 2008. What made things worse, was the obscene manner in which the government gave bailouts to banks but afforded no similar dispensation to ordinary people suffering from unemployment, home foreclosures and a host of other economic problems. The unfairness of the system only increased popular frustration and dissatisfaction. China, on the other hand, is quite different. While it has problems of its own, including widening income gap, the Chinese continue to enjoy a steady improvement in their lives. The Chinese can see with their own eyes their own material improvement, and they have reason to believe that this will continue. Such hope is today hard to find among Americans confronted not only with personal hardships but a government that is divisive and unable to lead a way out of the current malaise. This is the fundamental difference between China and America.

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