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Japan PM: Japan's security environment 'murky'

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

15:56, October 20, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda recently said that Japan’s national security environment has grown increasingly "murky" due to China's "stepped-up activities in local waters" and "its rapid military expansion."

Japan's feelings about its security environment are tedious for most people, and it is not the first time for the country to bash rapidly developing China. However, it is still necessary to respond to Noda's remarks, given Japanese leaders' wrong remarks on certain historical issues and Japan's irresponsible diplomatic actions surrounding the South China Sea issue in recent days.

Japan has too many secret and cunning plans, and it is just an old trick to say that its security environment is "murky."

It is astute of Noda to bash China when reviewing Japan's Air Self-Defense Force. According to Japanese media reports, the country's Ministry of Defense is conducting final selection of the “F-X” planes, the next-generation mainstay fighter jets for its air forces and will announce its decision by the end of November.

Japan regards China as an imaginary enemy and is making all excuses for rearming itself, which will pose a major security threat to both China and other Asian countries.

Japan's other precise calculation lies in that it is clinging to the U.S. "return to Asia" strategy. Japan is attempting to take advantage of the increased strategic investments in Asia by the United States to elevate its own position and follow the steps of the United States to step up operations in the regions near China. This is a "double protection" game, so even if the United States is not strong enough to implement its strategy in the future, Japan will have already built a circle containing China.

History has never been kind to those who have dark minds to plot against others. Although Japan's previous calculations seemed precise, the results were not as good as it had expected. Despite the precise calculations, it has usually faced a dead end.

Today, Japan is also aware of the consequences of squeezing the space for China's development. Therefore, the more actively it operates, the more worried it will become about the possible negative changes in the situation and the deeper it will be trapped in the "non-transparent" vicious circle. Japan has always been worried that other countries will plot against it, so it has always intended to plot against others. Thus, how can the Japanese government have a normal and open-minded mind?

It is no wonder that Europe and the United States have dubbed the Japanese government an "ineffective, incapable and irresponsible" government.


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arkhangelsk at 2011-10-24210.177.156.*
@ari First, learn the meaning of "arm twist". "Arm twisting" means you won your point by coercion, not by its rightness, rationality or otherwise.
ari at 2011-10-21175.137.234.*
Considering the fact that Japan was an aggressor when it first invaded China in 1937 and the fact that China is a UN Security Council member, it should assert its view and arm twist the world into disallowing Japan to re-arm. The threat has been japan; Not China. We - all of us who had suffered under the murderous attack and rule of Tokyo - must loudly and firmly speak out to ensure Japan does not become militarily powerful again. My concern is whether we have real "leaders" who will and can assert itself to ensure this is so. Otherwise forget about being a major power of a UN Security Council for the matter. It is just a joke.
hh at 2011-10-20115.174.202.*
Japanese always do this kind of shamelessness.they shouldn"t forget the history of aggression to many asia countaries relentless,they killed other countary"s people like wild animal"s far they still didn"t apologize to these countaries for their crime.

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