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Chinese culture of peace promotes development

By Cheng Kuixing (

14:55, October 19, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

China, one of the world's most ancient civilizations, has 5,000 years of uninterrupted history and rich cultural heritage. In this ever-changing world, cultural continuity and innovation are a reflection of a nation's innate qualities, a tribute to the creators of cultural works and an inexhaustible source of a nation's spiritual pursuits.

Passing on culture does not mean fully accepting cultural heritage, though cultural continuity and innovation are two basic conditions for cultural prosperity. In order to develop into a modern socialist country with Chinese characteristics, China must adopt a cultural development model suited to its own conditions, draw on its rich cultural heritage, constantly integrate new elements into its culture and build a ship of splendid socialist culture sailing into a bright future.

Thanks to the prosperity of the Chinese civilization, Chinese culture has become extremely attractive to people across the world. Regardless of the changes in the world, cultural development will always be a leading contributor to a nation's rise to power and prosperity, and a nation’s rise will, in turn, promote the development of its culture. Culture is the backbone of a nation, and represents the hope and future of the nation.

Shifting from the old-democratic Revolution to the new-democratic revolution was a transition of an era, a landmark in the course of the Chinese people's constant pursuit of saving the country and the masses, and an inevitable choice of China's cultural sector to save and strengthen the country after experiencing humiliation and oppression.

Since the founding of New China, in which the Chinese people actually serve as the masters of the country, China's cultural cause has achieved significant development. China's cultural sector has also made great contributions to the course of exploring a path for building a modern socialist country with Chinese characteristics.

Following the path of building a modern socialist country with Chinese characteristics, China's cultural sector has achieved remarkable accomplishments along with the country's economic and social development. The courage and drive to explore amid reform and opening-up have injected new energy to the development of the cultural sector. The cultural sector is "going abroad" in order to make China's splendid culture a platform for the rise of China.

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seoul at 2011-10-21123.109.214.*
China is great,
seoul at 2011-10-21123.109.214.*
For the love of God, keep writing these artclies.
Canada at 2011-10-2070.36.49.*
The issue of public livelihood top of the agenda during the first year of the 12th Five-Year Plan period will be welcomed by the masses. I would prefer to live in socialist China, however I’m an eternal optimist and hope to one day see a socialist revolution in Canada, and it’s necessary to live here to understand what’s happening and the mood of the country, also my pension would be severely curtailed if I lived outside the country for more than 6 months.
mick3ymous3 at 2011-10-1993.137.141.*
Good report, please keep going on.

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