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What is wrong with US?

By Zhang Hong (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

13:24, October 19, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Anger burning

The municipal government of New York planned to clean the Manhattan Plaza and the Zuccotti Park, which are the center of the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstration and the camp of the demonstrators, respectively, on Oct. 14, local time, but due to the demonstrators' opposition, the cleaning work had to be delayed. Then, during the demonstration on Wall Street, conflicts between police officers and many demonstrators occurred and at least 14 people were arrested.

The demonstrators of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement are protesting against the greed of Wall Street and the U.S. government's bail-out of a few financial organizations while the poor majority of the U.S. people were made even poorer. Of the slogans of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, one that is frequently mentioned is: the 99 percent oppose the 1 percent. Currently, the richest 1 percent of the U.S. population possesses 35 percent of the wealth of the United States and the richest 5 percent of the U.S. population possess 72 percent of the wealth of the United States.

Since the financial crisis occurred in 2008, the unemployment of the United States has been at the level of around 9 percent. And the poverty-stricken people of the United States have also greatly increased. According the latest report by the U.S. Census Bureau, the poverty rate of the United States was about 15 percent and the number of poverty-stricken people reached about 46 million in 2010, setting a new high record.

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement that started on Sept. 17 has become very huge. Within the United States, the movement has spread from Wall Street to many cities and the number of participants has increased from fewer than 100 to more than 10,000. The influence of the movement has also gone beyond the borders of the United States, and up to now, the movement has seen responses from more than 70 countries.

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McKechnie at 2012-03-1565.95.206.*
In the USA and other democracies people can demonstrate about any issue that they want. In China if you demonstrate they just kill you or make you and your family disappear.
bJpGxbUiQA at 2012-01-24123.202.134.*
Now I feel stupid. That's cleread it up for me
Cafree at 2011-10-2664.118.22.*
Occupy Wall Street is NOT against democracy, it is against unrestrained capitalism and greed. Indeed a true democracy would not allow this sort of one sided wealth to the degree that it has been done now. A real democracy would not allow corporations to run the government as they do now. This is about fairness and is not against democracy but, is against unfettered capitalism. When corporations buy the government you have the situation the U.S. is facing now. Occupy is demanding a return to fairness for the people.
pg at 2011-10-24175.156.222.*
The current decline of the only "superpower" of the world is surely to continue till it completes its course, simply because "US democracy" needs not be the best political system in the world and it is the people of the nation that ultimately would make the grade for that nation.Since the Second World War, the fact that US was able to rise up to world dominance was largely the accumulated accomplishments of their forefathers who were principled, diligent and godly. After US has accumulated its wealth and power, however, subsequent generations of its people began to lose those virtues of their forefathers and turned to life"s excesses and pleasures, and toward the outside world, especially the developing nations, exert unilateral hegemony.Its once rich heritage and advantageous position still see US appearing to lead in different arenas of the world today; however, that it has declined and is failing in various aspects of nation and international arenas is as clear as day light.To prop up its weakening position, US has partly been harnessing its media power which now still is the largest in the world. China has to be alert for, and be ready to counter, or better still, pre-empt, the distorted news and even downright deceptions which US media (TV, internet, newspapers, etc) are apt to spread world-wide, very often with its European allies, to achieve its global political agenda and control.China could do well to look to its own history and culture for precious lessons and wisdom to help propel it right on course into the years ahead, while always focusing on building itself to be a righteous and just people and nation. There is thus no need to consider all things US or Western as superior or even desirable, certainly China must avoid and reject US/Western garbage like homosexuality, cohabitation, same sex ‘marriage’, pornographic or loose life-style, etc, all of which are foreign to inherent Chinese values and detrimental to the family and social unity and cohesiveness of China.
Nic at 2011-10-23175.138.64.*
What does this mean? Western democracy is NO GOOD! It encourages corruption and this in turn affects the lives of the middle and lower classes of people in the form of unfair taxes while the top rich 1% benefits from this "democractic" goverment which distorts the laws to their benefit.We have to admire Grand Dengxiaoping. He was the one who refused western democracy and tried to devlope a democracy for China based on Chinese experience/character.Let"s open our eyes, China has seen all sorts of administration which did not do well for her own people. So many philosophers have lived and still live around the country. Why can"t they develope their own style of government?I know many countries have seen the ills of western democracy and they are trying to copy China"s democracy.Try to study Confuscius teaching, this will be the first step!Confuscius taught love, respect, inter-family and inter-government/citizen relations. Because of these, Chinese people are not aggressors and did not go and colonise other countries and capture foreigners back to be slaves. They do not kill indiscrimately to establish a foothold in foreign land.Three cheers to China and its leaders!

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