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Wall Street leads the West to a world of chaos

(Global Times)

16:45, October 18, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The "Occupy Wall Street" movement has spread to tens of countries and led to violent protests and conflicts between police officers and demonstrators in many Western cities, including Rome and New York. Currently, the whole of Western society still cannot propose a way of alleviating and neutralizing the dissatisfaction of the people, and some Western politicians are praying that the protest could ultimately come to an end due to the exhaustion of the protestors.

Western societies have adapted to street demonstrations. Some people believe that the street demonstration is never able to overthrow the Western political system and is only a "release valve" for the capitalist society to release the social pressure and for the people to vent their anger or will ultimately be co-opted by the opposition party to turn into a tool of promoting the rotation of political parties.

This analysis is quite reasonable. And it also shows a deep reason for the lack of motivations for political reforms in the West. In the west, any political party is not responsible for eliminating social dissatisfaction as long as it is able to make use of and control the dissatisfaction and make it serve the short-term political goal of the party.

This widespread "Occupy Wall Street" movement is actually an intensive explosion of the problems underlying the political, economic, social and cultural issues that have existed for a long period under the capitalist system. When the global economy was good, these issues were covered. But with the economic growth rate slowing down and the people's quality of life worsening, all the anger will be ignited by a small blasting fuse.

There are a variety of causes behind developed countries' failures to adapt to the globalization. The existing social system of the countries in Europe and America encourages innovation instead of diligence. It encourages the strengthening of their advantages in terms of brand and technology instead of the competition between such advantages and basic industries.

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Jean-Francois Morf at 2011-10-2081.13.249.*
Google in pictures: quadrillion $ derivatives, the click on the red bomb and see:Stupid market makers banks have sold ten times more CDS and PUT options that bonds to be protected and stocks to be protected! Bankers could loose a quadrillion $ for having won some trillion $ selling CDS on PIIGS and PUT options on underlaying market makers stocks! Nobody more could then save the banks with 14 trillions $ as in 2008!
PD User at 2011-10-20175.141.52.*
Hannibal is right. They threw Agent Orange in Vietnam, go killing in the Arab States ny hundreds of thosand. When they turn their face to you, they will teach you "human rights"!!Now they place weapons around Russia and China and I hope the leaders of these two counntries will be sensible enough to unite and ward off this evil intent of the West.
jack Smith, USA at 2011-10-2024.26.135.*
Results speak for themselves. China is advancing by every measure while the U.S. is declining by every measure. Jack Smith, USA
hannibal at 2011-10-19175.144.151.*
The West(US, Europe,Australia)have between them committed genocide against the peoples they colonised. The British went to the Americas and decimated the native Indians until now they stay only in reservations and no trace of their culture can be found. And all this because the whites could not tolerate an existing American native culture that is probably longer than Europe"s. The same Brits, also went to Australia, and again decimated the native population and further marginalise them until the Aborigines are completely unable to look after themselves. How can they. For centuries, the Aborigines were not even counted as "people". They were counted as part of the "Fauna and Flora of Australia". The cousins of the Brits(the Spanish) went to S. america and again decimated the ancient civilisation of the Incas and others. All this because these Whites considered themselves superior to anyone on earth and anything that is more "cultured", is going to get the chop. Poor Incas. Who asked you to be so cultured? Now you know why the Americans can stand China coming up to their level. They see an ancient culture taking it"s place and that really riles them. Even Mr Cameron couldn"t help but tell China what to do, not realising that his ancestors forced opium down the throats of the Chinese and when the Chinese resisted, brought in their military to do the dirty work. Mr Cameron should have apoligised to the Chinese people for the dirty deeds of his ancestors and ask for the Chinese forgiveness. Instead he wants to tell the Chinese what to do with democracy and free speech. The colonial attitude is hard to get rid of. As for China, show the US your 2 fingers and continue to develop. You don"t need American approval.
leisureman at 2011-10-1960.54.55.*
Hopefully China will not go Wall Streetway !!! There are millions of Chinese peasants struggling more dorn to dusk just to keep alive !

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