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Money-dominated US must listen to its people

By Shan Renping (Global Times)

15:53, October 17, 2011

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

The "Occupy Wall Street" movement is spreading rapidly in the United States. As ordinary Americans become increasingly discontent with the country's political and social injustices, it is natural for them to vent their anger on Wall Street, the symbol of U.S. capitalism.

The United States is a country where money controls the politics, economy and society, and capitalists have a greater control of the country than any other social group.

Whoever wins the support of most capitalists will most likely become the president of the country. It is common sense in the U.S. political circles and has become an unwritten law as widely accepted as the U.S. Constitution.

It requires great courage for an American to express doubts about the role of money in the United States because it is often seen as opposition to the country's core values. It has long been regarded as a normal and reasonable phenomenon that the Democratic and Republican leaders have to act in accordance with the will of the richest 1 percent of Americans. Writers sometimes voice their discontent with the rich, but they just add a bit of spice to the stable political system of the United States.

In fact, it is a very difficult thing to make the U.S. government represent the majority of the U.S. people because the powerful interests of capital stand between the government and the people. Although the general election system of the United States can contain the capital to some extent, capital usually has more tools to contain the election power. In the United States, no poor man can actually enter the political field without the support of capital. And if a man who has already been in the field goes against capital, he is actually committing suicide politically.

It seems that the U.S. media, which is enthusiastic in supervision, always opens a door for the capitalists. They report scandals of all walks of life but rarely report scandals of the capitalists. The media always praises the morals of well-known magnates of the United States or their private life is ignored. A few criticisms against the capitalists are usually mild and artistic. The U.S. capitalists' special status in the U.S. society has turned into a standard that has affected the attitude of the people of many other regions of the world to the capitalists.

Therefore, the "Occupy Wall Street" movement is very unlikely to produce instant results. Although the demonstration is one of the freest demonstrations in the world, it has surely met with the coldest indifference among various types of demonstrations across the world. Because it has simply exposed the "soft spot" of the United States, even if the U.S. government attempts to initiate reforms, they will not know where to start. Several senior Republicans have called demonstrators "mobs," expressing the ideas hidden in the back of their minds.

High concentration of capital once advanced the development of human society, but the social order that was formed based on capital has been distorted by the pursuit of interests. Forced by crises, major capitalist countries once made some adjustments to the allocation of interests between capitalists and the masses and succeeded in easing social contradictions. However, such adjustments and mitigation were not thorough and stable. No evidence can support the assertion made by some people: the current capitalist system is perfect and should be considered the “end of history.”

The "Occupy Wall Street" movement is a serious indictment of the drawbacks of the capitalism. Although the movement is still weak, it has a very sharp edge. The attitude of the U.S. government and the upper-class as well as whether or not some effective measures will be adopted to respond to public appeals will actually serve as a touchstone of the self-regulating capability of the U.S. system in the 21st century.


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PD User at 2011-10-1969.175.122.*
"China should listen to its people"Now that"s a headline for you, straight from the People"s Party newspaper, the People"s Daily
Pozzz at 2011-10-19173.63.255.*
wow reality doesnt mean much to the writer or should I say the 1% that rule the U.S. compared to the .0001% that rule China LOL
Mike at 2011-10-1876.19.66.*
Wow, you guys are funny

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