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CPC's leadership essential to China's cause

(People's Daily)

16:35, October 15, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

About a century ago, China was standing at a critical position after the 1911 Revolution to step into the brightness or the darkness.

The fierce and sweeping revolution had overthrown the absolute monarchy ruling China for thousands of years and opened a door for advanced ideas to flow in. However, although the ideas of the democracy and republic had woken up, the feudal dross had not been completely eliminated.

The 1911 Revolution taught the people of China by both its great success and grave failures that if a party could not propose a clear and scientific revolutionary program, could not unite the forces of various social strata to the maximum extent and could not establish a system supporting the dream of a modern country, it would not be able to save the people of China from untold miseries. In order to thoroughly change the semi-colonial and semi-feudal social nature of the old China, thoroughly change the miserable condition of the Chinese people and realize the rise of China and the revival of the Chinese nation, China must have a powerful core of leadership.

The foundation of the Communist Party of China was an inevitable outcome of the development of China's modern and contemporary histories and an inevitable outcome of the Chinese people's brave struggle for survival and development. This proletarian political party, with its wide social foundations, strict discipline, compact organization, highly unified thinking and strong ability to mobilize the people, uses the scientific theory of Marxism to observe and analyze China's issues, uses a clear anti-imperialist and anti-feudal program to unite the mighty forces of the Chinese people and regards the national rejuvenation as its mission to promote the social development.

In the 90-year glorious course of revolution, construction and reform, the Communist Party of China, from being the mainstay of the Chinese people to being the core of the leadership of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics, is always an advanced force leading China's social reforms and has started a new chapter for the development and progress of the Chinese nation.

In the 90 years, the Chinese people, led by the Communist Party of China, have written a splendid epic in the history of human development, proving that the Communist Party of China is the most vigorous promoter, most reliable organizer and strongest leader of China's modernization cause. By reviewing and analyzing the modern and contemporary histories of China, we could come to such a conclusion: Only if China is led by the Communist Party of China can China realize the national independence, liberation of the people, prosperity of the country and welfare of the people.

The 100-year experience has proven that the modernization is not a spontaneous historical course and cannot be realized unless it is actively guided step by step according to a plan. In a late modern country, a powerful core of leadership is especially significant for stability and development. Facing the historic mission of the great rejuvenation of China, only if China is led unshakably by the Communist Party of China can China continue to achieve brilliant successes in its great journey.


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n wimaladasa at 2011-10-22111.98.89.*
Histrocial mision of CPC provide ideal example world political parties how developed relevent countries.The Marxism corectly apply in Chinies conditions been sucessful.Leader of CPC at core play positive role of Liberation and Socilism building China. Needless to say Mao-Zedong leadership was core of Mordern China.
PD User at 2011-10-1624.26.135.*
Well stated. The U.S. is a perfect example of the rotten nature of capitalism, where the rich end of controlling government for their own selfish benefit. The funny thing is they end up ruining themselves in the process. China is winning over the U.S. It is undeniable. Jack Smith, USA
PD User at 2011-10-16195.191.66.*
Nice to see that someone has kept on his believes and ideals, and still use the word comrades. many of my ex comrades haven"t.
helen at 2011-10-16175.136.169.*
Only with the CPC is a New China possible. For many hundred of years, the Chinese suffered in poverty and humiliation at the hands of foreign powers.The Liberation of China in 1949 offered the greatest hope for a better future for the Chinese people.Constant rejuvenation of the CPC will ensure continuing enhancement of life for the Chinese people.China has to carve its own path with "Socialism with Chinese characteristics" and its model will be an alternative for other sovereign nations to learn and adapt to their local conditions.
Canada at 2011-10-1570.36.49.*
I couldn’t agree more. Congratulations to Chinese comrades on a remarkable, well done, job and journey. I hope the Chinese people aren’t ever sucked into believing that Western society is better. Western leaders claim they are the champions of democracy and freedom of belief. Both are largely illusionary. I had the privilege of visiting communes, factories, schools, hospitals, other facilities when in China around 1978, our group met with party committees everywhere we went, and at the end we were hosted one evening by the CPC leadership. I have a fairly good understanding of the political system in China, it is far more democratic than the political systems that exist in North American, and the CPC leaders have the interests of the masses at heart. North American social democrats try in vain to give capitalism a more human face, are hamstrung by the contradictions within capitalism, a system that has vacuumed up the country’s wealth and deposited it into the hands of a tiny minority. Every year the masses sink further and further towards 3rd world country status.

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