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Editorial:India-Vietnam oil exploration deal must be stopped

(Global Times)

13:13, October 14, 2011

India and Vietnam inked an agreement for joint oil exploration in the South China Sea on Wednesday. Both countries clearly know what this means for China. China may consider taking actions to show its stance and prevent more reckless attempts in confronting China in the area.

Just one day after signing an agreement on ground rules to resolve maritime disputes in Beijing, Hanoi reached an agreement with New Delhi for joint exploration. It is hard to tell if this shows a double-dealing mentality from Hanoi, or a disagreement among Vietnam's top decision-makers.

By inking pacts with Vietnam, India probably has deeper considerations in its regional strategy than simply getting barrels of oil and gas.

India is willing to fish in the troubled waters of the South China Sea so as to accumulate bargaining chips on other issues with China.

There is strong political motivation behind the exploration projects. China's vocal objections may not be heeded. China must take practical and firm actions to make these projects fall through.

China should denounce this agreement as illegal. Once India and Vietnam initiate their exploration, China can send non-military forces to disturb their work, and cause dispute or friction to halt the two countries' exploration.

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Y.K.Rao, India at 2011-11-30117.204.72.*
Sir, Please tell us about south china sea and the rights of Hanoi over its territorial waters in south china sea. what if Hanoi enters with India an joint exploration of oil in south china sea.What are the rights of china over south china sea. Please explain us.
TAJtuOGqt at 2011-10-3067.228.53.*
Good report, please keep going on.
Sai at 2011-10-2159.92.176.*
@Pakistani If Dalai Lama who has always strived to achieve his objective through peaceful means is a terrorist, then who is OSAMA that you harbored for so [email protected] ChinaName calling us as black Indians is unwarranted. You mess with us in PoK and NE and we will not hesitate to return the favor. We are much stronger than you think. We do not poke our noses into other people"s butts like you. But if any one pokes his nose into ours we will drown them in shit!
Foolishpakiese at 2011-10-1958.192.124.*
@pakistaniDon"t think that you will nuke India and India will send you flowers. There will be no name of pakistan if you do this and nobody will come ahead to save you when if india reply to your attcack, even china will also not help pakistan directally as India is the second largest economic partner of India. Nobody want to destroy their economy for a terrorist country. Except may be china every country know that you pakiese are terrorist. Thats why they never give you visa very easily. India never attack on any country and specially china, India is a good friend and there is no reason that china-india will destroy their relations just coz of you fool.
PAKISTANI at 2011-10-1992.40.254.*
I am a proud Pakistani, and I can safely say that all the Pakistanis love China and Chinese people so much that we would nuke any country of the world for China including India. And bye the way, it is India that is harbouring a terrorist, a thug and the worst enemy of China the Dalai Lama and not Pakistan.

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