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China needs quality to make strong brands

By Tang Beiming (Jiefang Daily)

14:13, October 12, 2011

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

In discussions about the recent passing of tech icon Steve Jobs, media in China and around the world have posed the question: Why is China unable to produce this kind of innovative talent?

Do Chinese people really lack the innovative spirit? China ranked fourth in terms of total patents according to a report issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization. The total amount of the patents of the world was 162,900 in 2010, of which 44,855 belonged to the United States, 32,156 to Japan, 17,171 to Germany, 12,337 to China and 9,686 to South Korea.

While watching the I Love Invention program on CCTV, you may be astonished by China's talented minds and their numerous delicate inventions. While interviewing people in the property rights market of China, the reporter also found that there were a lot of technical items too. In the United States, the technical innovative ability of the Chinese people is also widely recognized. For example, Yahoo founder Jerry Yang and Steve Chen, the founder of YouTube, are both Chinese. Apple's technical team probably also includes many Chinese people.

Obviously, Chinese people are talented and intelligent enough to develop the same technologies that have been developed by Apple. The problem is that if the same technologies were developed by a Chinese enterprise, would you be so enthusiastic about them? In most cases, you may hesitate, because you worry that the product may break down in a few days and you have bought a dud.

Compared with the developed countries, China has relatively fewer original technologies, and there is indeed a lot room for improvement in regard to innovation consciousness. However, I am afraid it is more likely that the biggest gap still lies in insufficient attention to quality. There are two factors making an innovative product attractive and really marketable, i.e. high content of technology and good quality.

Technology gives the product functions and features, but it is quality is that forms the fundamental basis of the product's value. Without excellent quality, the product life will be too short so that people will not be able to enjoy all those fancy functions.

Regrettably, we have often focused on one aspect and neglected the other more important factor. As a result, we can manage to make new products but are incapable of making excellent ones. Many alleged new products carry a lot of new technologies with them but ware manufactured roughly and hastily with unconvincing quality. Such products cannot attract a loyal base of customers.

All countries that have the strongest global competitiveness in the manufacturing industry, such as America, Germany and Japan, universally attach importance to not only innovation but also quality. In the same way, China's manufacturing industry also needs not only to improve its technological innovation awareness and capacity but also to rebuild its quality reputation at the same time. Only when Made in China becomes a symbol of superior quality, can China's high technology be accepted by the world.

At present, what we need to do is not only strive to cultivate innovative talents like Jobs but, more urgently, we need to enhance quality awareness across society. We must get rid of the eagerness for quick success and instant benefits; acquire the spirit of preciseness, stability, and greater perfection, and present good products with a sense of responsibility toward customers if we are to come up with our own Apple.


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RJC at 2011-10-18137.120.215.*
Fernando: Apple is famous for not conducting market research and analysis. Quality is an important part, but so is the ability to deal with risk. At present, Chinese enterprises seem very risk-averse, and hence don"t generate many new products, services and business models.
wende at 2011-10-1371.125.80.*
Chinese companies should put out its own brands and win customers with quality that should be maintained at all cost. If price right without undercutting to secure initial success, Chinese brands should be able to secure a place in the world"s market place. Prices should not be set too low so that constant price changes are not necessary and there will be a show of consistency
Fernando Bensuaski at 2011-10-12183.13.236.*
There is another issue: Chinese companies have not developedmarketing skills. They have little understanding of market reserach, market analysis, identification of what the consumer wants and how to awaken in the consumer the sense of desire for a product.
Fernando Bensuaski at 2011-10-12183.13.236.*
There is another issue: Chinese companies have not developedmarketing skills. They have little understanding of market reserach, market analysis, identification of what the consumer wants and how to awaken in the consumer the sense of desire for a product.

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