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Nation rejuvenated as it celebrates 1911 Revolution

(Nanfang Daily)

15:13, October 10, 2011

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

A century ago on Oct. 10, the gunshots of the Wuchang Uprising broke the dark, silent night. This event signaled the start of a new era for China: The ancient feudal dynasty was abandoned as China began its pursuit of democracy.

The overthrow of the feudal dynasty was a drawn-out revolutionary movement. The 1911 Revolution was not only a revolution of changing dynasties, but also it was more importantly a revolution of enlightenment.

The 1911 Revolution established a bourgeois democratic republic in China — the first of its kind in Asia — which laid the political and economic foundation for China's bourgeois modernization. From then on, democracy and republican government became the new face of modern China, and the feudal dynasty was forever abolished.

Today, while commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 1911 Revolution, the top priority is to carry on the tradition passed down from our revolutionary predecessors like Sun Yat-sen, Huang Xing and Liao Zhongkai. This means considering national rejuvenation a personal duty and actively promoting social reforms to realize the modernization of China

We shall not only help the poor and the needy but also pursue democracy, equality, justness and rule by law to make people lead a more decent and dignified life. After the 1911 Revolution, China did not immediately enter an era of “the whole country as one community.” China's road to modernization experienced many twists and turns in the past 100 years and is still inspiring the new generation to fight for it. The pursuit of modernization is endless, and the dream of bringing affluence and prosperity to China calls for more efforts from the Chinese people.

The national prosperity of China could not be realized in a day. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, Chinese people pick up the dream again with the implementation of the reform and opening-up and create many miracles, making China a large economy and an emerging power.

The sleeping lion of the East has already woken up and carved out a road to the prosperity with Chinese characteristics. Commemorating the 1911 Revolution means we should never forget the revolutionary predecessors who sacrificed their lives to overthrow the feudal dynasty and pursue freedom.

It also means we should always adhere to our dreams and never stop exploring. We should always adhere to the reforms and lines that are good for the national progress, and we should always explore the ways and systems that could help solve the current social contradictions and promote a sound and rapid economic and social development.

Mankind writes history. As long as we cherish our dreams, do things practically and are determined to contribute our wisdom and courage to the future of our nation, our dream will be realized sooner or later. The 1911 Revolution has been a model, and the reform and opening-up is another.

To commemorate is not merely to look back at past triumphs. It also means moving forward.


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