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Jobs' 'legendary code' changed world

By Chen Jiaxing (People's Daily Online)

15:12, October 10, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The fact that the world has mourned for the death of an American itself is a miracle, behind which, people have recalled the wonders that he created and are fascinated with the charm and magic world-changing power of his innovation.

The American is Steve Jobs, whose world-changing "legendary code" is innovation and whose world-changing tools are excellent products, such as personal computers, online music and smartphones.

Now that the products have been launched, people cannot live without them. The products are quietly changing the quality of life and lifestyles of the people around the world, improving public cognizance and broadening their visions. Those who have benefited from such changes will surely remember the man who has changed their lives.

Now that Jobs is gone, who can usher in a new era? The answer is unknown. However, it is certain that some people who are committed to innovation can bring the world something else magical some day and light the way for the future of mankind.

"Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water, or do you want to change the world?" "Three Apples changed the world. The first one seduced Eve. The second one awakened Newton. The third one was in the hands of Steve Jobs." These are some of quotes from Jobs that are popular online, behind which a long-standing and simple theme is: Opportunities always favor those who are ready.

The dream of changing the world is a precondition for remarkable achievements and also a starting point for innovation. With this dream, a person’s life will be more colorful and a company will be more likely to make legendary achievements. Although not everyone can change the world, a well-prepared mind certainly has a better chance of succeeding.

There are countless ways to change the world and what is important is to make the world a better place. Ordinary people can only make small changes, but any changes are great because it is the magic of innovation that inspires changes, be they small or big.

While paying tribute to Jobs' great work and mourning the loss of a genius, people should keep in mind that Jobs changed the world through personal computers and other creative products, and the most valuable legacies he left behind are courage, determination and innovation. People who admire Jobs should have the courage and determination to pursue their dreams and innovate.


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Wang Dz at 2011-10-10173.254.216.*
Add "belief" to that. You must believe in what you are inventing. Do not listen too much to "wet blankets' who are always pouring cold water on other's ideas, and negative people.

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