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Recommended reader’s comments (Oct.1-7)

(People's Daily Online)

13:57, October 08, 2011

★ Read: Top priority to improve people's livelihood: Wen

1. Posted by fiona at 2011-10-01 14:10:14
China is showing the world that a western style government is not a one-size-fit-all solution for every country, which often fails to consider cultural differences or size of population. A western style government often serves mainly the interests of multi-national corporations and the super-rich bankers. Members of parliaments do not always carry through the wishes of voters - look at Greece, endless protests on the streets have no influence at all on the government decisions. Pre-elections promises are often unfulfilled or broken. China is a big country and the present government has served the people well. Well done CPC! (More)

★ Read: U.S. bill on China's currency does more harm than good: U.S. media
2. Posted by CK Wong at 2011-10-04 18:28:14
The bill passed on currency is as expected. Sure blaming China is the easy way out. But the Italian currency is so low against the U$, why they do not blame the Italian lira for the US problem. Simple, China is more easily attacked on the media and digital front. The pending US election had in someway expedited the passing of the bill, they Obama needs scapegoat to stay in the race, but could he??. Yep. US must reduce the use of U$ in world trading, and due to the oil and fuel pushed world wide inflation, the trading in U$ currency had more than triple in since the last decade, hence the US currency remain strong is because the world trading value had grown to the level which is beyond the control of US FED, and how can any sensible US economist dare to conclude that US problems are caused by China’s Renminbi low currency exchange rate?? But us Politicians dare to say this. The world at large, including the US commoners may not believe this notion of China’s currency causes the problems in US. For China to solve her future similar problems, the establishment of Asia Monetary Fund Institution similar to that of IMF should be considered now to check the abuse of printing too much paper US dollars.(More)

★ Read: India cannot become a global power via arms buildup
3. Posted by PD User at 2011-10-05 05:30:44
Of course China is buying up US treasury bonds! What is the alternative? Let the dollar die and lose everything?? That is not going to happen, and a world reserve currency backed against gold is also pie-in-the-sky, the most likely solution will be a basket of currencies. And regarding India and her rise to superpower status well that’s an open question. I think the word superpower needs to be re-imagined, now the USA and NATO, China, Russia, India to an extent, and soon Brazil will soon be achieving parity we should find a new term to describe the dominant power in such a multi polar world. (More)

★ Read: U.S. House speaker calls bill on Chinese currency "dangerous"
4. Posted by Sam Teng at 2011-10-05 13:06:29
The US government has once again shown its high handedness in imposing its will on other countries. They blame other countries for their own problems. Instead of solving their own problems, they will use their power to force other countries to change in their power. The present currency bill is no exception. This is not only a violation of WTO rules but a gross interference in the freedom to operate by another nation. China should not accept such nonsense but should retaliate in whatever manner it can even if it is the US. It’s time to show the US that China is serious about the whole business. If the US chose to undertake unfair tactics, China can and will take similar steps. (More)

★ Read: Wen urges financial support for small businesses
5. Posted by wende at 2011-10-06 21:49:06
Just make sure there won’t be bad debts in the future. Start with short-term and small amount loans and make sure collection department are geared up to collect loans not paid on time. Use monthly installment basis as this will be easier to monitor before the loans defaulted. (More)

★ Read: Protesters to "occupy" Washington against corporate greed
6. Posted by helen at 2011-10-07 12:23:10
Isn’t it ironic that the US’s planned and incited "Arab Spring" would backfire into an "American Winter".
For too long now, both the US government and the US corporate and CIA controlled mainstream media have brainwashed, softened and paralyzed the American people into almost total submission and ignorance.
And now the Americans have wakened up?
With millions unemployed, 46 millions on food stamps, millions living in tent cities and shelters, millions of American children subsisting below the poverty line and so much miseries and helplessness among them, there is really no light at the end of the American tunnel now. Instead, the United States squandered more than 700 US$ billions annually to perpetuate US global Tyranny and invading small helpless sovereign nations.
This is the window of opportunity to come out in their millions all over the USA to protest, demand and cause rigorous changes in the government and their military. This is their last chance to effect real change!
Americans are now seeing through the lies and disinformation of their government. The time to keep Americans distracted by blaming and scapegoating foreign nations and intensifying their US military adventures and invasions is rapidly coming to an end...

★ Read: China needs caution in expanding economic presence in Europe
7. Posted by kentSifu at 2011-10-07 16:29:15
The EU financial crisis and the US meltdown suggest any Chinese bailout being very risky investments. US has an arrogant and unappreciative congress that is ignorant about its problems, totally overwhelmed with election politics. EU expects China to come in as the next White Knight, yet unwilling to condescend itself in granting China’s market economy status. It will take time for them to wake up. My advice is for China to stay clear for at least a year. Instead, the money goes a long way if re-directed toward domestic needs. Cultivate a domestic market. Improve people’s livelihood and living standard. Make China a better and safer place to live. Build up its infra-structure, transportation, energy, technology, agriculture. Connect the rivers with canals. Anticipate future disasters and train special forces to deal with earthquakes, floods, droughts, mines. Provide humanitarian assistance to lesser developed friendly countries in need. Invest in education, military, medical and social services. The investments will return many fold. The country will be more respected, and become much stronger and wealthier. (More)


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