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Jobs' death highlights China's creative fight

(Global Times)

10:55, October 08, 2011

The death of Apple legend Steve Jobs was followed by world-wide mourning, including people in China. His stories of success were reviewed by a huge number of people.

Jobs deserves all this.

In a world full of scandals and conflicts, people need a hero to admire and worship. Jobs is that hero for the time being.

As the embodiment of innovation, Jobs has brought visible changes to human life.

He worked hard and never gave up. The state-of-the art products his company generated not only conquered the US market, but also the world.

Is there going to be a Steve Jobs in China? Probably not in the near future.

Chinese society may verbally support innovation, but what its consumers and manufacturers are doing is actually discouraging that.

Apparently, Steve Jobs belongs to the US. The success of Apple is an outburst of the comprehensive strength of the US.

Together with Microsoft, Facebook and Google, successful US innovation stories are a symbol of a powerful country, as well dispelling the theory of a US decline.

Jobs possesses many traits that Chinese people also advocate but find hard to learn, such as being a maverick, original and stubborn. As a manufacturing powerhouse, the lack of innovation may be fatal for China's future.

The Chinese public's huge wave of mourning over Jobs's death went beyond the actually owners of Apple products.

To some extent, this reflects many people's dissatisfaction with China's own reality.

China does have a large number of "little-Jobs." But their growing environment is depressing. It will take tough and long-time reform for China to provide a similar environment for burgeoning Chinese entrepreneurs before they can prosper.

Quality of life also needs significant improvements. Otherwise, Steve Jobs will only be a saint that the Chinese can never reach.

Many of us are not really ready for a Chinese entrepreneur as powerful and as influential as Jobs to show up. The image of private business owners are not all positive in China. Their wealth and their power are often controversial.

Due to this embarrassing situation, it is invaluable for China to have a number of business heroes.

They have not owned a business empire like Jobs did, but they are the pathfinders for China's modern business legends. They are building the steps to the height of Apple.

We respect and remember Jobs, let's also pay more attention to China's new entrepreneurs. Only all of Chinese society can grow a Chinese Steve Jobs.


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Don't down play the innovative initiatives of your own people too much. Have you read the Economist of 2nd Oct on Haier? Do you know you can now select TV channels for viewing with your brain waves rather than through punching keys on a remote control? Thats innovation from Haier for you. It now has 6% of the world market for whitegoods. Seeing where Haier came from, thats no mean achievement competing against Japanese and Korean products.

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