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Q&A with Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder

By Li Zhenyu (People's Daily Online)

16:03, September 30, 2011

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder speaks at the reception in Beijing on Sept. 28. (People's Daily Online Photo/Li Zhenyu)

BEIJING, Sept. 30, 2011 -- Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's Asian trade trip made stop in Beijing on Wednesday. The Republican Governor of the United States spent the first of his two days in China pursing stronger business ties with the world's second-largest economy.

At Wednesday's reception, this journalist conducted a Q&A interview with the shrewd, gray-haired Michigan Governor.

Q: Governor Snyder, could you please tell me a little bit about the purpose of your trip to China?

A: Well, the purpose is really to establish a good partnership relationship with China. We have many Michigan companies that have built up relationships with Chinese companies, but from a Governor’s perspective, we haven’t been in presence in China for too long. It's been 11 years since a Michigan governor has been to China.

And it’s important to renew that good relationship, because the future is about global business, and about creating positive relationships and understanding that brining in cultures together is actually a great power for the future. The successful businesses of the future will be those that seize opportunities in growing economies such as China.

So we are pleased to be here, strengthening the existing relationships we have built up with Chinese companies and reaching out to other Chinese firms interested in doing business in Michigan.

Q: So, have you reached your goals here?

A: Yes, I believe so. The trip is more about strengthening ties than closing deals. And we are very pleased to get the positive impression that people in China and businesses in particular, that many of them are seriously looking at Michigan already as a good place to do business. There's a lot of follow-up to do in Michigan, to develop brand-new relationships with Chinese business leaders. I will return next year to China and hopefully spend more than the one day in Beijing.

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Mary Shew at 2011-11-1524.177.68.*
I fear for our country and for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It seems that no one who is elected to protect our country and follow the Constitution is doing so. It seems that they are all just in politics to enrich themselves and devil take the hindmost! We need to clean house--both parties!
Carol at 2011-10-0375.196.80.*
There are no comments to this important article; that should scare all of us as no one seems to care. They only care when they themselves have been hurt. People don"t even know who makes the medicine they take! Americans get what they ask for...NOTHING and much less than that. I am ashamed of our country right now. It is the 3rd of October and again I one is reading and learning about what our leaders are allowing to take place with in it"s borders or who we allow to make important items like medications.

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