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Taiwan arms sales becomes US political spell

By Xu Guangyu (Global Times)

15:47, September 30, 2011

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

The United States recently announced a 5.9 billion U.S. dollars arms package for Taiwan despite China's resolute opposition. Currently, the United States seems to have control of the initiative in terms of the Taiwan arms game between it and China. It appeared that the Unites States in the past could freely decide whether to sell weapons to Taiwan or not, but such a situation is changing. The United States initially wanted to use Taiwan arms sales as a trump card to contain China and control Taiwan, but it has actually created a "political spell" for Americans themselves.

The policy of Taiwan arms sales has never brought good luck to the Unites States since it was formed. Over the past 30 years, the United Stated has sold weapon packages of different sizes to Taiwan more than 50 times, which however has failed to prevent China's rise or maintain the so-called balance between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland.

What can only be seen from these Taiwan arms sales packages is that American arms dealers have gained huge profits totaling nearly 40 billion U.S. dollars and that Taiwan's taxpayers had to pay the bill. So far, six American presidents have been "kidnapped" consciously or unconsciously by such a policy, and ordinary people in the Unites States have also been sealed up by it.

It seems that anyone in the Unites States would become a "political wizard" on a "legal altar" when Taiwan arms sales are proposed. It seems that gradually reducing and eventually stopping arms sales to Taiwan in accordance with three China-US joint communiqués would be a taboo. Either a Democratic or Republican president should act like this. Otherwise, he would never be re-elected. And even he has to promote such a policy despite significant changes to the international situation.

However, certain U.S. politicians recently expressed disapproval of the arms sale and openly doubted the legitimacy of the Taiwan Relations Act during debates. Some of them even suggested freezing or simply stopping arms sales to Taiwan. Although they have not achieved any practical outcome, it is encouraging to know that the U.S. political circles do not speak with one voice on this issue.

The arms sales "mojo" will be short-lived because of three factors. The first and foremost factor is China's rise. Just like the force of gravity that is directly proportional to the mass of an object, a country's international influence is directly proportional to its own strength.

Singapore's founding father Lee Kuan Yew recently said that he did not "see Taiwan being able to resist the pull of the mainland, with or without American help."

The second factor is the changing international situation. The U.S. Dollar Empire is burdened with huge debt and is considering strategic contraction, which may create favorable external conditions for China. The third factor is the evolution of the United States. Although it remains the sole superpower in the world, the United States has exhausted and spoiled itself and has thus encountered barriers in many areas. However, the United States is pragmatic and quick to correct its own mistakes. A case in point of this is its decisive establishment of diplomatic relations with China.

Perhaps in the near future, a U.S. president will say privately during his visit to China that his job is much easier than his predecessors without the arms sales "mojo." Everything is possible, isn’t it?


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food at 2011-10-01112.245.51.*
The UNited States should do something for the world peace, No interference .
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China supports two Koreas by providing North Korea with whatever it wants

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