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Rejuvenate China: Immortal slogan of 1911 Revolution

By Xiang Xianbiao (People's Daily)

15:44, September 30, 2011

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

The Western invasion and carving up of China about 100 years ago plunged the Chinese nation into an abyss of misery. The harsh realities posed a sharp question to the Chinese people at the time: Was China on the verge of collapse?

It was like a horrible nightmare weighing heavily on the heart of every patriot. Many sad poems were written to tell of the extreme misery and hatred of the Chinese people. In the face of the grave national crisis, Sun Yat-sen first adopted the resounding slogan “Rejuvenate China,” which resonated with countless Chinese people.

Under the banner of rejuvenating China, generations of Chinese people devoted their lives to saving the country. Hence, the 1911 Revolution broke out. It toppled the Qing dynasty, put an end to the monarchy in Chin, and contributed much to the establishment of the Republic of China as well as the rise of new doctrines and political parties. Holding high the torch of truth, the Communist Party of China has carried on the unfinished task of rejuvenating the nation, made this calamity-ridden nation rise again in the East and created a bright future for the Chinese people despite all difficulties.

The dreams of Sun and his generation are coming true on this ancient, yet young land. The Chinese nation has turned from seclusion to openness, from conservatism to reforms, and from poverty to affluence, and is writing a new chapter in history. However, the slogan “Rejuvenate China” chanted by the late patriots as well as their thoughts, ideals, faiths and words have not disappeared and still have a place in people’s hearts, inspiring their successors to build a brighter future for the nation.

A nation needs a type of spirit to support it. The belief and pursuit of those in the 1911 Revolution for a democratic republic have developed into a spirit of unswerving struggle. Devoting their blood and lives to practicing their belief and pursuit and sacrificing themselves for the elimination of autocracy in China have showcased their patriotism and spirit of unswerving struggle that are of eternal significance beyond time and space and are the pillar of our spirit and the source of strength. It is just like the remarks of a scholar: any nation with social cohesion, solidarity and initiative is certain to have a sense of pride and awe in its tradition of arduous struggles and value and inherit the tradition from the prospective of historical responsibility.

A country should show its capabilities amid transformations. Sun said when summarizing the history of the 19th century, “The changes in the past century are greater than that in the previous millennium.” The historical cause pioneered by those like Sun is like an unprecedented path paved in a wasteland that is bumpy and winding but leads to the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

A major power in the world naturally has its independent views. As a major country with profound culture, China will never blindly follow the footsteps of other countries or copy their development patterns. The socialist path pioneered by the Chinese people under the leadership of the Party is the best practice of reviving the lofty ideals of the Chinese nation and the best comfort of the revolutionary pioneers. China is following an unprecedented path of transformation and innovation with Chinese characteristics today.

Sun once said, "Since we have assumed the task to reform and develop China, we ought to be fully committed to the cause as long as we live. We should neither be discouraged by failures nor be daunted by difficulties. As long as we are dedicated to following the trend of the world's progress and believe in the righteousness of our cause, we will surely succeed one day."

If we have lofty aspirations, work hard and concentrate on the persistent pursuit of our great goals, we can make new accomplishments in addressing the issues of our times like the revolutionary pioneers did and eventually achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


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