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China developing human rights with socialist characteristics

By Wang Chen (People's Daily)

16:14, September 26, 2011

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

Since the introduction of the reform and opening-up policy, the Chinese government has made great efforts to incorporate the principle of universal human rights into China’s national conditions, to inherit and carry forward the fine cultural traditions of the nation, to draw on foreign development experience, and to promote the core values of socialism. The country has taken practical and effective steps to promote human rights, and is taking a socialist path of human rights development with Chinese characteristics.

First, China’s development path of human rights adheres to the principle of putting the people first and fully protecting their economic, political, social and cultural rights. The Chinese government, which holds the traditional idea that people are the root of a country, has developed a people-oriented scientific outlook on development and made great efforts to ensure that development is for the people and carried out by the people and that they share in the fruits of development. China has developed a comprehensive outlook on human rights development by promoting all-around education, protecting the people’s fundamental interests and meeting the growing material and cultural needs of the people.

Second, the path also features the pursuit of harmony, equality and justice. The Chinese government carries forward the fine cultural traditions of the nation, takes building a socialist harmonious society as its goal, properly handles the contradictions among the people and other social contradictions, coordinates the interests of various social groups, and struggles for social equity and justice.

Furthermore, it attaches great importance to promoting social construction, improving people’s living standards and expanding public services to ensure that all the people enjoy the rights to education, employment, medical and old-age care, and housing. It has also made great efforts to improve social management to keep good public order, provide the people with favorable living and working conditions, and maintain social stability and unity.

Third, the Chinese government always adheres to the idea of exercising state power for the people to safeguard the interests of the people. The Chinese government always requires its officials of various levels to firmly remember the mission and tenets of the people's government, put the people in the most important position, regard the people's standpoint as the most fundamental political standpoint, firmly foster the thought of serving the people wholeheartedly and the spirit of being responsible for the people truly and sincerely, put the people in their minds, think for the people, work relying on the people, do everything for the people, exercise the power for the people, care about the people's concerns, advance the welfare of the people, sincerely do practical things for the people, try hard to solve difficulties for the people, persistently do good deeds for the people and always be servants of the people.

Fourth, the Chinese government always attaches great importance to the harmony between the human and nature in the course of modernization. The Harmonious Integration of Heaven and Man is a peculiar concept of the traditional Chinese culture. It means that all humans and things must accord with the order of nature so that the harmony between the human and nature could be realized.

Out of the viewpoint of safeguarding the people's environment right, the Chinese government has proposed the mission of firmly setting up the idea of ecological civilization and building up the ecological civilization, and it also requires that the people should take the harmonious coexistence, virtuous cycle, comprehensive development and sustainable prosperity of man and nature as a tenet, establish a sustainable economic development mode and healthy and reasonable consumption mode and attach importance to the harmonious development of the human and nature and the improvement of the environment.

After Reform and Opening-Up started, China's human rights cause has made great universally acknowledged achievements, and China's human rights situation has reached a new high mark.

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See at 2011-12-0660.50.5.*
What is the use of developing human rights with the socialist charactistics. The chinese government should have more effectiveness of cleaning the corrupt officers. If no more neitizen scare of corrupt officer than chinese government can claim the credit

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