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China's 10-year rapid growth is not at the mercy of US

By Mao Yingying (Beijing Daily)

16:08, September 19, 2011

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

While the whole world was focusing on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, commemorating the victims and conducting soul-searching, some people shifted their attention to China. There is a very popular viewpoint saying that the United States was in the mud puddle of anti-terrorism wars but China kept prospering in the last 10 years, and therefore it was the United States that gave China the development opportunity.

Some even suggested that the United States take more measures to deal with or contain a rising China in the future.

In fact, it is too arbitrary to say that a single event can change the balance of international power or geopolitics between China and the United States. Although many people believe that the last 10 years witness the decline of the United States, it has not lost its status as the sole superpower of the world, and it seems that it will not lose that status in the next 20 or 30 years.

However, a historical inevitability should not be regarded as a chance event. Ultimately, China's development in the last 10 years was not a chance event, was not given by others, but an outcome of China's own steadfast efforts. Since the Cold War came to an end, peace, development and cooperation have been the mainstream on the global stage. China has concentrated its mind on construction and puts its whole heart into economic development, and has ever since grown in clout.

China also brings benefits to the people in China and even the whole world. No matter whether the 9/11 attacks occurred or not at that time, China would still take the peaceful development path and make the achievements that it has made now. Even if the George W. Bush Administration did not have its attention diverted and continued its policies and actions of containing China, China would not stop developing, and China's development direction would not be changed.

The reason why certain people ignore the trend of the times and insist that China took advantage of the 9/11 attacks is that they do not trust or respect China, and are unhappy to see China’s rapid rise and its breaking down of the Western-led world order. In other words, they feel upset about China’s progress and believe that it is necessary to contain China.

In fact, the United States, while busy combating terrorism in the past decade, has not slackened its efforts to hold back the growth of China. It has been playing up the “China collapse theory,” “China threat theory,” and “China responsibility theory”, criticizing China for currency manipulation, trade frictions, and other issues concerning human rights and democracy.

Emerging countries, including China, do not mind developed countries' maintaining their superior position forever. But developed countries should achieve this goal by constantly improving themselves and correcting their mistakes, not by hindering the development of other countries or even launching wars against others.

Scholars noted that the biggest problem facing the United States is that it has to maintain its hegemony, afford expensive social welfare, and protect the interests of political parties and consortia at the expense of global resources. Therefore, even if the 9/11 attacks had not happened, the United States would still embark on the road of endless expanding overseas after the Cold War. Such uncontrolled expansion will eventually lead to the decline of the United States.

U.S. President Barack Obama said that the past 10 years have been difficult for his country, but the Americans must “look ahead.” It is hoped that when its intelligence personnel search tirelessly for the information on terrorists and its politicians make up new threat theories, the United States can abandon its overbearing and arrogant attitude, and work with its partners to pursue a peaceful development.


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chinese from singapore at 2012-02-23218.186.15.*
The USA keeps trying to contain Chinaeg by selling weapons to Taiwanby claiming currency manipulation by chinaby imposing anti dumpig duties on low cost China goodsby trying to turn other countries against chinaby playing many other dirty tricksChina must continue to improve both economically and militarily and in research so that China will not need to take all this unethical nonsense anymore from the USA in future.
jthk at 2011-10-17219.77.33.*
When the Americans are still "looking back" at their ancient glory, the two Great Wars, the triumph of the Cold War, they can hardly "look ahead". This is how other countries bypass the America like China.
jthk at 2011-10-17219.77.33.*
Terrorists and bin Laden were products of the Cold War. Basically, the US was trying to clean the mess which itself had helped to nourish/created during the Cold War.
WJL at 2011-09-30114.76.49.*
China shows common sense and maturity. USA needs to grow up and stop being a brat trying to rule the whole world. It spends $88 on military programs constantly developing more exotic ways of killing, maiming and destruction for every dollar spent on alternative energy. It even spends more money researching the potato chip than on alternative energy. After all that it complains and whinges about China’s progress in developing an alternative energy industry. The military/industrial/oil energy groups in USA are steering USA to wars on hapless nations in illegal wars and setting up of puppet regimes to fill their own coffers. There is a better way and China shows the way. No wonder, countries and people all over the globe are turning to China and there is at last hope for mankind.
PD User at 2011-09-2999.251.111.*
Yes, unfortunately you are right.

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