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China's peaceful development contributes more to global prosperity

By Wang Yiming (Guangming Daily)

16:46, September 14, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The White Paper on China's Peaceful Development integrates China's development with global growth and links China's prosperity with that of the world.

This not only fully demonstrates China's confidence and resolve in realizing modernization and making the country strong and the people rich but also expresses China's wish to develop with all other countries together and its sincere hope to contribute more to the world's prosperity and stability.

China's achievements have won worldwide praise, but its rapid economic growth has also raised concerns and doubts of the international community while its links and interactions with the world economy are improving. The report has responded to questions including whether a rapidly developing China can seek mutual benefit and with its partners in the world and whether China can shoulder corresponding responsibilities.

First, China insists on expanding domestic demand, especially consumption demand and further tapping the potential of the domestic market. The report highlighted various ways in which China will improve residents' consumption capacity; effectively expand domestic demand, especially consumption demand; enlarge the overall scale of the domestic market as well as reshape the form of its economic growth from depending on investment and exports to reliance on consumption, investment and exports.

Secondly, China is committed to building an innovative country and relying on the power it has earned and reform to promote growth. In 2010, China's per capita GDP reached nearly 4,400 U.S. dollars. China has transformed from a low-to-middle-income country to a middle-to-high-income country.

On the road to becoming a high-income country, China still faces various kinds of difficulties and challenges, including a weakening comparative advantage from low costs, a rapidly aging population, a diminishing demographic dividend, insufficient technological innovation capacity and a potential decrease in the economic growth rate.

China will extensively implement the strategy of developing the country through education and building up the strength of the country with talented people. It will continuously increase investments in science and education, improve innovative ability in science and technology, as well as enhance human capital. Faced with a weakening of the comparative advantage it enjoyed due to low costs, China will also accelerate the acquisition of new competitive advantages based on technological innovation and human capital in order to provide a fresh stimulus for economic growth.

Third, China will focus on breaking through the resource and environmental bottlenecks restricting development and accelerate the construction of a resource-saving and ecologically friendly mode of production and consumption.

The white paper points out that although the amount of China's resources per capita is relatively low, China will further exploit its resource potential and reduce the dependence of economic development on resources to a minimum by bringing the market allocation function into full play and promoting technological innovations.

Fourth, China will accelerate the construction of a harmonious society and make its development fruit benefit all the people of China. It is the fundamental goal of China's peaceful development to let the people of China have a high quality of life and realize common prosperity. During the 30 yeas of reform and opening-up, the Chinese people have realized the historic lap from barely having enough food and clothes to being fairly well off and China is also one of the countries which have most effectively realized the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations. The white paper clearly stated the direction of China's efforts for accelerating the construction of a harmonious society.

Fifth, China will implement mutual-benefit, win-win and opening-up strategies to promote the common development of the world. China has realized from its own development experience that China's development cannot go without the world. Facing the future, China will implement mutual-benefit, win-win and opening-up strategies, continue participating in the international division of labor actively, accelerate the transition of its foreign trade mode, develop the service trade on a big scale, expand its import, actively promote the multilateral trading system and continue opposing the trade protectionism. Meanwhile, China will actively participate in the global economic management, play a more active role in areas from constructing the global financial system to dealing with the global climatic change, and burden an international responsibility that fit its capacity.

The general goal of China's peaceful development is to realize the modernization of the country and the common prosperity of the people. While striving to realize the goal, China will insist on mutual-benefit, win-win and opening-up strategies, try hard to maintain good interactions with other countries and promote the common development and prosperity of all countries of the world. China's peaceful development will absolutely make more contributions to global development and prosperity.


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