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Sting of inflation hits campuses

(Global Times)

14:17, September 14, 2011

Following this year’s summer holiday, the price of pork soared to 52 yuan ($8) per kilogram in September, compared to 29.9 yuan in June, causing inevitable headaches – and price hikes – at college canteens across the country. Though it may not seem like a lot, such price hikes can add up and eat away at the living standards – and quality of life – of young people nationwide.

A graduate student at Hohai University in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, who requested anonymity, said canteens at his school have continually been raising food prices during his two-year tenure there.

“Every time I go back to school after a holiday, I discover that the prices at the canteen have risen again,” he told the Global Times.

He gave the example of a simple steamed bun, which has risen from the former price of 0.7 yuan to 1 yuan now.
“I have to spend additional 50 yuan per month compared to two years ago,” he said. “When you’re living on a student budget, these soaring prices can make a big difference.”

If it’s not rising prices, it’s shrinking portions: Liao Xingmiu, a graduate student at Renmin University of China School of International Studies in Beijing, told the Global Times that while canteens at his university still maintain their prices, they’re getting far less bang for the buck.

“I always seem to find myself with smaller and smaller amounts of food on my plates,” he told the Global Times.

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