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US arms sales to Taiwan: Political farce

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily Online)

16:16, September 13, 2011

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

According to U.S. media reports, the Obama administration will make a final decision by Oct. 1 on Taiwan’s arms request. As the deadline is drawing near, certain U.S. Congress members are becoming increasingly restless and are using all means to push for the arms sale to Taiwan despite the knowledge that it will severely damage the country's relations with China. This ongoing political farce in Congress has once again proven the complexity of China-U.S. relations.

Two factors about the political farce in Washington require special attention.

First, the arms sale discussion takes place against a backdrop of increasingly stable and positive China-U.S. relations. The two countries have established a multi-level communication and cooperation mechanism and are expected to resolve their own problems and other major international issues through this mechanism.

Second, certain senior U.S. Congress members have bundled the proposed weapons sale to Taiwan into other bills so that the Obama administration cannot easily reject the sale proposal. In addition to pushing for the arms sales, certain Congress members also plan to introduce a bill reportedly called the Taiwan Policy Act of 2011 to enhance the Taiwan Relations Act.

As it is important to maintain a positive relationship with China, the United States has adopted a relatively restrained attitude toward arms sales to Taiwan. For example, it has reduced the sale of advanced weapons and paid attention to the timing of its sales in hopes that the arms sales will not affect its exchanges schedule with China. However, this does not change the fact that the United States is still selling weapons to Taiwan. Any weapons deal with Taiwan will be rude interference in China's internal affairs and will hurt the feelings of the Chinese nation and cause severe damage to China-U.S. relations.

The Taiwan Relations Act is like a tumor hindering the healthy development of China-U.S. relations. Unfortunately, Washington has no guts to remove the tumor and even is unwilling to prevent its spread. Currently, some American congressmen are even publicly advocating reinforcing and developing the tumor. This is undoubtedly a negative move that is against the development direction of China-U.S. relations and is not in the common interests of China and the United States.

Both sides should cherish and try their utmost to preserve the hard-won progress in China-U.S. relations. The practice of some shortsighted U.S. congressmen will eventually threaten U.S. interests.

It is pathetic that there are such haughty congressmen in the U.S. politics. Washington has provided a stage for them, but there is no room for them to play on the grand stage of China-U.S. relations. Once the "Cold War mindsets" and "hegemonic illusion" appear on the stage, China must strike bitter blows to them. If some go against the historical trend, they should be well aware of the terrible consequences that they will pay.

No country will permit other countries to violate its core interests and China has also set a specific scope of its core interests. It should remind the bewildered U.S. congressmen: Do not go too far.


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max at 2011-09-1574.120.15.*
biblob baggins, you talk rubbish. Stop trying to psych Beijing, you CIA/Pentagon sockpuppet.
Sam Teng at 2011-09-15175.139.83.*
This is the justification why China should continue to strengthen its armed forces in order to preserve its territorial integrity. US is a nuisance as a super power. It creates tension in every corner of the world resulting in more enemies than friends. With its economic and financial problems, the US will be arrogant for long. It;s time they bucked up or shipped out.
Taiwan at 2011-09-15111.249.68.*
@ Taiwan Teochew Brats ... ur a moron, and unable to start a real discussion
Oh yeah at 2011-09-1550.75.62.*
Gooooo China!! jia you jia you
bilbo baggins at 2011-09-1550.75.62.*
Whether you like it or not, U.S. will continue to be the world power due to its diversity, international language, and support from the rest of the world. China will never obtain any one of those three. If China wants to be respected as a reasonable country, they must democratize and be willing to use negotiation instead of threats.

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