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Will China have to face down the US?

(Global Times)

08:49, September 13, 2011

The 10th anniversary of 9/11 may be a chance for Americans to adjust their strategic positioning, at least psychologically. At present, there are worries in US society as some politicians are trying to divert US attention from terrorists to its real opponent.

Verbal attacks on China before presidential elections, as seen in recent years, are leading the public to thinking that China should be regarded as an opponent or even an enemy.

If this thinking becomes mainstream in the US, we cannot rule out the possibility that China might be forced to become an enemy of the US.

But the reality is that while anti-China emotion is blooming in the US as China rises, resources to balance this out in the Sino-US relationship are also expanding. The next 10 years will see a match between wisdom and folly in the US attitude toward China.

China has been reactive in its relationship with the US. It is a pity but this is hard to change. China doesn't have a means to shape Americans' international vision. It is more risky to design Sino-US relations than to let nature take its course.

But this does not mean China should be pushed around by US hawks. China should be clear about its intention so that the US will understand China without any illusions or misunderstanding. China needs to show itself to the world in a very honest fashion.

The peaceful rise of China is a challenge to both the country itself and to the US.

If China cannot maintain a peaceful rise despite all its efforts, it will have to shoulder the consequences of a "non-peaceful" rise.

The US must feel uneasy about China's rise. But if it wants to stop this trend, it needs to be resolute enough to face more troubles this would bring.

Some Americans might think that an international anti-China alliance will make the bilateral economic situation revert to decades ago and thus change history. But this is mission impossible.

The US dominates international relations and, unlike China, faces challenges in diversity. Therefore, its so-called "concentrating energies" in coping with China could only be a relative concept.

For the US, making China an enemy is just an escape from the reality of its own lack of confidence when facing new competition.

As long as the US thinks hostility between China and the US is not to be feared, China should not be afraid. Some Americans who think the US can gain more by having China as an enemy than as a friend.

Maybe we should think along other lines. When we no longer fear hostility between the two countries, it will be more possible to avoid it.


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PD User at 2011-09-21174.6.38.*
You don"t want to go to war with US. Who would buy all your stuff? Without US, your economy would grind to a halt.
Nic at 2011-09-14175.141.80.*
Will China have a chance to face down US?Military-wise China can"t compare with US in all respects.China does not aim to equal USA as it is only protecting itself and not invading others.From records, USA will always point fingers at others;she along will commit no fault.With anti-China"s sentiment booming in USA, why China wants to keep its gold in USA? Will they return you your gold? Or, look for excuse and swallow all of it?Remember French President had to send a war ship to USA to collect his due of gold. So Be Very Careful!
Jack Smith, USA at 2011-09-1424.26.135.*
The arrogant and treasonous exploiters who rule the U.S. have no respect for the Chinese people. They have no respect for the American people either, who desire peace in the world. If only America could get rid of its exploitive class, then everything would be fine. Jack Smith, USA
aziz at 2011-09-13195.191.66.*
china sincerly blieves in harmonious world, so it can criticize th us on that basis more actively instead of being merely reactive. because the us behaves quite in opposite direction.
Danny at 2011-09-13199.21.149.*
everyone should be psychologically prepared for war and prepared for the worst, the current new generation of Chinese emperor child are disgusting, it"s like they have revert back to the weakness of the Qing dynasty, and must have to have their behinds save by the tougher central Chinese people again, why are the coastal Chinese people so weak and spoiled, and yet allow to represent Chinese people as a modern image of China? Stop endorsing a culture of materialistic filth, and promoting white skin obsessed people, my feeling is even Chinese propaganda is actively promoting white skin celebrities, it"s disgusting.

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