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Arms traders fumbled contact with Gaddafi

(Global Times)

09:14, September 09, 2011

Illustration: Liu Rui

With the assistance of the Libyan opposition, the Western media reported recently that China had sold weapons to deposed Libyan leader Muammar el-Gaddafi “until July."

China’s foreign ministry firmly denied the rumor on Monday, claiming that the representatives of Gaddafi came to China and got touch with Chinese military trade companies in July, but no weapons were provided to Gaddafi. According to the ministry, the reports are just rumor without any facts or evidence.

However, we should recognize that the military trade companies weren’t politically deft.

In July, the Gaddafi regime was obviously reeling and the Chinese government had begun to have contact with the opposition. Even more important was that the UN announced a weapons embargo to Libya before the NATO bombing. After that there were no conditions under which China could have legitimately sold weapons to Gaddafi.

We believe that the purpose of the contact between Chinese military trade companies and Gaddafi representatives was not to sell weapons. Chinese companies may have only meant to keep contact with Gaddafi and prepare for possible trade in the future, or perhaps the two sides only met to “have a chat."

However, these companies should have known they represent China, a country that is paid close attention by the world, while Gaddafi was, by that stage, an international pariah. They should have realized that this would become an excuse for a smear campaign against China.

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Canada at 2011-09-1070.36.49.*
The Western press started this to divert attention from the fact NATO countries & Qatar were financing & arming the rebels, including Qatar troops used in the invasion of Tripoli.

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