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China committed to peace and growth

(China Daily)

09:21, September 07, 2011

The Information Office of the State Council issued a White Paper on Tuesday to elaborate on China's commitment to the path of peaceful development. It sends a strong message to the outside world: China does not seek hegemony and is a reliable stakeholder in pursuit of world peace and development.

The document, the second of its kind since 2005, embodies China's newest understanding of the world and its thoughts on nation building and foreign policy. It explains in depth how its development will benefit both China and the rest of the world as well.

In a nutshell, the concept of peaceful development means China will seek development in a scientific, independent, open, peaceful, cooperative and common manner.

Peace, development and cooperation have become part of the irresistible global trend of our times. With multi-polarization and globalization gaining momentum, there are loud calls for reforms in international governance. At the same time, a long list of global challenges, such as terrorism, the financial crisis and climate change, are threatening human survival and sustainable economic and social development.

Under such circumstances, the world needs China more than ever as a rising power that upholds the banner of peace and development.

Thanks to the economic and social progress it has gained since the introduction of reform and opening-up in the 1970s, China is now better positioned to meet this need.

Nonetheless, in recent years, contrary to the country's desire, the rise of China on the world stage has aroused misunderstanding and suspicion. There are even those who view it as a threat and regard the relationship between China and the West as a zero-sum game.

Such sentiments are not based on facts. Even a quick delve into the White Paper will reveal how much the rest of the world has benefited from China's growth.

Since its entry into the World Trade Organization in 2001, China has imported goods worth nearly $750 billion every year, and created over 14 million jobs for those exporting countries and regions. Over the past decade, foreign-funded companies in China have remitted a total of $261.7 billion of profits, with an average annual increase of 30 percent. By the end of 2009, China's development aid had reached 256.3 billion yuan ($40 billion) and benefited 161 countries and over 30 international and regional organizations. In the next 10 years, China is expected to import an aggregate worth of $15 trillion.

Chinese leaders have on many occasions reiterated the country's strategy of development. The White Paper represents the country's latest effort to assure the rest of the world of its role as a peaceful power and a responsible, cooperative partner.

China is committed to cooperation with others based on equality and reciprocity. As a result, the stronger its economic strength the more the world will benefit.


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Russ at 2011-09-07220.255.1.*
Do US, Japan, India, Australia Vietnam Philippines and the European powers bother with this published white paper? Publishing this white paper is like restricting one actions or options and will be used as a tool by these jerk nations to ransom China when China has differing views with them. Remembered, Philippines when they did island grabbed in the SCS as they fully knew China’s actions will be limited to peaceful diplomatic protests with primary focus on its economic growth. While they and Vietnam put on a charm news offensive in the world press that they were bullied by China in the dispute. China has been and always been continuously painted as the world"s greatest rogue nation by the ill intent fork tongued western presses, simply as its strong economic rise posed a direct challenge to the centuries old western dominance. These CIA/MI6 funded western presses worked in conjunction with its governments to underline third world nations’ sovereignty, fomenting unrests under the falsehood of democratic ideals and swaying world’s opinions on the justification of regime change in name of humanitarian missions in certain countries. These western presses and its company of lackeys are best described in the Chinese proverb ‘when one dog barks at something and a hundred barks at his sound’. China should set up an equivalent BBC world, Fox News, AP, AFP or CNN outfits to counter these biased or false reporting in the world arena and offering a differing prospective other than the often biased western press, especially in South America, Africa and Asia. Refute western slanders of supposed China’s peaceful rise into a Frankenstein nation that endanger world peace. As in the past, the western press had an easy tasks to spread falsehoods of weapons of mass destruction in Saddam’s Iraq to justify its invasion and regime change, and the ill gotten excuse of no fly zone to protect Libyan civilians that ultimately proceeded with the Nato’s mass aerial bombings of Libyan military and civilian targets to justify its preferred regime and to secure lucrative oil contracts thereafter. The hypocritical self righteous western news agencies is acting like its past often condemned communist counterparts in toeing its western government’s official line in withholding news coverage of high civilian casualties in the Libya, Iraq, A-stan and Pakistan from Nato’s military strikes, and the civilian protest death rates of Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Bahrain and Yemen that is detrimental to their governments’ hidden interests and agendas.
PD User at 2011-09-0758.68.145.*
China does not seek hegemony and is a reliable stakeholder in pursuit of world peace and development.Great!

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