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Attach global label on China's national interests

By Shen Yi (Global Times)

08:12, September 07, 2011

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

The political ecology under the condition of information society has a certain trend of opening-up. The development of the Internet and other information technologies, especially the wide development of new applications with self-organizing characteristics, such as microblogging, is further strengthening the trend. State-level behavior units are therefore facing many new challenges, including the challenge of how to speak and express their national interests.

Countries are also facing similar challenges in the international political stage. And as the media is developing, a country's ability to attach global label on its national interests is also gradually turning into an important standard for measuring the capacity of the country's government and even the national strength of the country.

Viewing the experience of developed countries, it could be seen that the dynamic behavior units of the international system usually have two or more speaking systems, which are used to dealing with different occasions and objects.

One of the systems could be called the exterior speaking system. Its characteristic is emphasizing that the country's foreign policies are aimed at pursuing a goal that reflects universal values and pushing forward a certain "public welfare" cause by using the effort of a single country or common efforts of several countries of the same camp. The other system probably could be called the hidden speaking system. Its characteristic is pointing out the selfish nature of the country’s foreign policies directly and clearly and emphasizing the pursuit for the direct and visible loaves and fishes.

After a loose interpretation of a United Nations resolution, NATO managed to intervene in the 2011 internal conflict in Libya and finally helped rebels topple the Qaddafi regime in the name of human rights. As major European oil companies are poised to get back to Libya, the buzzwords among global media outlets remain human rights, democracy, freedom and other universal values.

The two discourse systems are a result of the long-running game of power politics and also a reflection of complex reality. As a developing country and a newcomer to the game of great powers, China must learn to adapt to the rules of the game.

Although it is unnecessary to copy hypocritical or useless word play, China should find the overlap between its own interests and the interests of the international community and develop sound and appropriate discourse systems in order to establish and improve its image as a world power.

The safety of China's foreign exchange reserves is closely related to the stability of the international financial system in some sense. As a developing country, China shares common needs with most developing countries and certain developed countries when facing the challenges of information transmission brought about by new technologies.

This means that China should continue to improve its discourse systems by drawing on the experience of world powers and acquiring useful expression skills and strike a balance between national and international interests to evolve into a major world power as soon as possible.


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Carlos Romanov at 2011-09-08203.153.104.*
The article is correct in that China needs to learn to play the game. However, China should then remember that it cannot "evolve into a major world power as soon as possible" while leaving behind 800 million poorly fed, poorly educated people.

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