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Pentagon stands as bastion of mistrust of China

(Global Times)

08:21, August 26, 2011

The Pentagon released a report entitled Military and Security Developments Involving the PRC 2011 on Wednesday, an annual paper submitted to Congress that tries to gauge China's military power projection and intentions.

The Pentagon has published its annual report regarding China's military for 10 years and the apprehension it tries to convey is increasingly perceived as pathetic by Chinese people.

The 94-page, six-chapter report covers China's poential new military might, strategy and US-China military contact. Not surprisingly, the latest report raises concerns about Chinese military's strategic intentions. The report acknowledged China's improvement in the transparency of its military affairs, but added that "there remains uncertainty about how China will use its growing capabilities."

The refitting of the aircraft carrier Varyag seems to have exacerbated Pentagon concerns over China's maritime ambition. However, not owning an aircraft carrier as the world's largest developing country until now actually reflected more China's military underdevelopment rather than its sophistication.

The report rightly points out that cross-Straits relationships have made significant progress since 2008, but raises the concern that "the PLA shows no sign of slowing its efforts to develop plans and capabilities for a cross-Strait contingency." The Pentagon actually needs to answer why US arms sales to Taiwan continue and remain the biggest factor of uncertainty stopping mainland-Taiwan relationship from advancing without a hitch.

The military report also ignored the context of the US strategy of returning to Asia, including the tension the move has created in the South China Sea and East Asia, and what this means for China's national security. Western-backed military interventions in several countries also serve as a reminder of the need to maintain a necessary military capability. Does the Pentagon really need to ask this question? It is prepared for these uncertain security elements that the PLA has apparent "intentions" on.

China and the US are increasingly interdependent economically and while cooperation is highlighted politically, the Pentagon is still stuck in a suspicious mindset between the two countries. As the world shifts toward a multi-polar power structure, the Pentagon report wrongly paints a picture of Sino-US confrontation. It is sowing the seeds for potential future conflicts.


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QrsEkiuqsPaprGnY at 2011-11-21213.229.10.*
I thoghut I"d have to read a book for a discovery like this!
PD User at 2011-10-05125.39.160.*
Great site, great reporting. Keep on going.
ED at 2011-09-0268.6.178.*
The military industrial complex in the USA scares the right wing Americans and the lobbying pays the politicians to support military complex so so stupid
Observer at 2011-08-3166.58.203.*
Of course the Pentagon is wary of you... that is what we pay them for.. it is their job. Don"t take it personal China. You war machine keeps a wary eye on America too.
Larry at 2011-08-2760.53.52.*
"...the Pentagon is still stuck in a suspicious mindset between the two countries."Nothing to do with suspicion. The American militarists KNOW they"re lying, and but it is necessary to find some pretext to commit aggression against China at some later date. Chairman Mao knew that arguing against the imperialists was a waste of time: all China needed was to strengthen herself militarily, economically, and most of all, socially. A united China can never be defeated: which is why true socialism is necessary.

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