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Reflect on negative effects of Libya war

(People's Daily)

15:13, August 25, 2011

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

The civil war in Libya will come to an end now that the opposition forces have entered into Libya's capital Tripoli. However, the five-month regional war will pose a long-term impact on the situation in West Asia and North Africa.

The direct consequence of the war is the arrival of the "post-Qaddafi era." Muammar al-Qaddafi has always been trapped in mire of tribal politics during his rein. He once assigned many posts in key government departments such as military and security to the members of his own Qaddafi tribe while purging members from the tribes in the Cyrenaica and Fezzan regions, leading to deteriorating relations among various tribes.

The unexpected civil war cannot just be viewed as the democratic fight against tyranny and the suppression of freedom but a resistance against the unfair distribution of political and economic interests within the context of a "tribal war." Tribal wars are characterized by their winner-take-all nature. As the opposition forces have incited deep hatred of Qaddafi's tribes during the war, whether or not they can properly treat the pro-Qaddafi tribes after coming into power is still unknown. Some Western countries that have participated in the military operations against Qaddafi have also shown their concerns.

The end of the war does not necessarily mean that Libya will enter into a new era of democracy and freedom. Afterward, the country will face a very difficult test of how to avoid tribal retaliations and internal rivalries among opposition forces. Furthermore, the issues such as restoring the infrastructure damaged by the war and dealing with the increasing number of refugees cannot be addressed without strong external support. History never repeats itself in a linear way, and it is still uncertain what is next in Libya's next round of political changes.

The Libyan war forcibly changed many factors influencing the situation in West Asia and North Africa. The turmoil in West Asia and North Africa at the beginning of this year was mainly caused by internal factors: people there seek democracy and improvement of people's livelihood as well as oppose dictatorship and unfair distribution.

The war cannot fully meet the demands of the Libyan people with Western interference, and the opposition is nothing more than a bargaining chip picked up by the Western countries to achieve their own strategic goals. For a considerably long period of time, NATO has had no idea of the constitution and political views of the rebels that they support, which did not stop NATO providing various kinds of assistances for the war-torn country. The external causes of the Libyan war have made the instability in West Asia and North Africa even more complicated.

The spillover effect of this war is more negative than positive. The proper operation of the international community needs all countries to abide by basic game rules, and the bottom-line rule refers to basic norms of international law. The Libyan war started under the banner of U.N. Resolution 1973, but whether NATO's air strike has exceeded the power granted by the resolution has long been questioned by all parties. The war seems to be a conflict between Libyan rebels and the governmental forces but is actually manipulated by the Western powers. Without NATO's large-scale, long-lasting air strike, the war would not have lasted more than five months.

Gaddafi gave up his weapons of mass destruction program and surrendered to the West in political and economic areas in 2003, but Libya still suffered military attacks from Western countries. Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei recently said publicly that it has proved to be a right decision for Iran not to abandon its nuclear program. Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has also said publicly that the Libya war shows it is absolutely necessary for Russia to build up its military forces and to enhance national security. The two leaders' remarks have shown the negative effects of the war in Libya. The war has sent a strong signal to anti-West state leaders: once they become the enemies of the West, they should either completely capitulate as soon as possible, or develop sophisticated weapons to ensure their own safety. As more and more anti-West leaders preferring to the latter choice, the world is facing larger risk of re-entering a "political jungle."

All parties involved should draw a lesson from the negative outcome of the Libya war. According to media reports, NATO is using the term "catastrophic success" to describe the victory against the Qaddafi regime. It would be much better to avoid the war than to achieve such "catastrophic success." Greater attention should have been paid to the political solution and other peaceful means that certain countries had suggested before and during the Libya crisis. Although history cannot be rewritten, a rethink is definitely necessary because it can prevent some Western countries from making the same mistakes when similar tough issues arise.


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jason scott at 2011-10-1199.251.253.*
why is this news-organ being so belligerently militaristic with respect to the libyan revolution? ghaddaffi was (is?) a tyrant. no matter how many times you say "NATO" or "imperialism" no one is fooled by any of this bull. this whole website is seeming very militaristic right now, which is just shockingly bad turn to me, a regular reader. doubt i will read here again unless it stops.
PD User at 2011-08-30124.43.249.*
Since the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq it was the biggest Western intervention in the Arab world. The United States, Britain and France pounded Libya with Tomahawk missiles. They have launched more than 510 cruise missiles on Tripoli since the Western war game commenced against Libya.Ironically the mass destruction of human lives and civil properties by the Western power what they called Odyssey. The Libyan state television said a few days ago that 648 people including women and children have been killed and 2150 wounded in the dirty war begun by Western mercenaries against Libya.After a six month sophisticated missile fire exhibition over the skies of Libya the NATO seems to have realized that it is not easy to oust the Kaddafi government from the power. The NATO now attempts to bring it down by political negotiation. There is no way for the NATO to win this war, whatever the military hardware they tried to throw out Kaddafi from power. Their superior fire power was still not able to match the will power of the Libyans who willing to protect and preserve their own country and their way of life.The NATO is a loser and now they cannot dictate terms to the Libyan government while being the aggressor. What The NATO did was to supervise and assist the looting, ransacking and wanton acts of murder committed by their land based mercenaries trained and armed by them. NATO countries and lackeys have committed grand scale killings and stealing wealth of the Libyan people.Over six months they have dropped bombs on civilians and basic infrastructure facilities including hospitals and water purification plants by pretending that their purpose was to "protect civilians." But what they did was the exact opposite. They bombed indiscriminately men, women and children in Tripoli.They have flagrantly violated the resolutions that they used as a pretext for the Air intrusion. They murdered the son and young grandchildren of Muammar Kaddafi in an attempt to murder him. It clearly shows that they are even willing to kill entire Libyan population to get their prime target - Kaddafi. This was how so called civilized democracies attempt to plunder the resources of innocent countries under the pretext of establishing democracy, humanity and justice.It appeared that they have overestimated their weapons and they underestimated the will of the Libyan people. Now they have understood that Libya was not a Hollywood production to disassemble and reassemble the way they want. And they couldn't keep a million Libyans off the streets that demonstrated support for their government and the leader. They are determined to fight and they are willing to die without allowing their country to be taken over by imperialist and colonialist powers.The NATO and their terrorist friends totally rejected the idea of elections proposed by the African Union because they knew that they would suffer a tremendous embarrassment with the defeat of an election and they know that the people would have given again legitimacy to their leader and government.When the African proposed to Kaddafi to go for a free and fair election under their supervision he agreed. Not only he agreed but also promised to step down in the event of his defeat at an election. But the NATO wanted to keeps him out of an election candidacy. In other words NATO asked him not to contest the election because NATO knew it pretty well that its puppet agents will not be accepted by the majority of Libyan people. This is the Western hypocritical democracy that they preach for other countries to practice.What the NATO wants are not elections or democracy but Libyan oil resources. And to gain it they even preferred to kill the entire Libyan population and destruction of the all infrastructure facilities of that country.This was what they did in Iraq. They have brought for Iraq only daily killings, disharmony within the Iraqis and utter misery.It is pure truth that the mercenaries were never able to achieve anything besides murder, looting, mutilation, wanton and the destruction. And throughout the history this was what they have done and are still doing.The NATO will not and cannot bring back the colonial days gone by in Africa. Africans are not prepared to be their slaves once again at any cost. It was a misconception of the West that the Earth was created by God for the Europeans(AM)
PD User at 2011-08-30124.43.249.*
The recent killing of Osama bin Laden by U.S. Nevel forces in Abbottabad, Pakistan was celebrated in the US. And it was telecast through worldwide Telivision channels with the visual of the bullet ridden blood soked body of Osama bin Laden.This was the only bit of good news that seemed to have come to the US. Because on other days it was about numbers of the US soldiers killed in Iraq or Afghanistan, fuel price hikes, economic recession, long unemployment queues, high percentage of mortgage defaultes that were commen features of the US channels.Aftera long time it was a good news and the killing of Ossama by Obama.It was a great relief to the US citizens. Above all, it was a big boost for President Obama.His low popularity rate has gone up by 11 percent thanks to the death of Osama. And certianly it will take him to the US Presidency in the next election too.But it was a tragedy when think of his past. It was twenty years ago Bin laden paid a courtesy visit to the White House and met the then US President Ronald Reagan. This was how he introduced Bin Laden to his officials: “He is a liberator of Muslims in Afghanistan who make hard efforts to rescue Muslims from brutal Communism .” It was not only the US Governmentthat praised him for his noble task, and he was provided with USD 5 billion worth of ammunition and arms including the most sophisticated stinger missiles to wage a proxy war against Soviet troops.Pakistan was a pillion rider of Uncle Sam throughout the war.It was Pakistan which provided shelter, tranning and secrect infromation for the Mujahdeens. However with the collapse of the Soviet Union in August 1991 Afganistan lost its regional strategic importance to the US. And in turn the US dropped war ravaged Afganistan in the hands of the Taliban regime headed by Mulla Hetmathiar and his two subbordinates Ommer and Bin Laden.In the mid 1990s the US government stopped funding the Taliban and diverted those funds to Kurdish separatists in North Iraq to wag an another proxy war against the Iraqi government headed by Saddam Hussein.This was a turning point where two buddies the US and Bin Laden became arch enemies.There was even an euphoric talk in Western mainstream media about the coming to an end of AL-Qaeda. It appears that recent revenged attack launched on Pakistani Naval base aftermath of killing Bin Laden shows that his war against the US terror will continue.Although many Arabs in the region do not share his violent tactics, they agreed with his vision and courage to fight for a new Arab world free of imperialism. The was imposed by the US and it allies on the Middle East for the past so many decades which had been caused mass destruction of innocent lives, properties and archaeological assets.Those five star democrats in the West have put innocent Muslims in the hands of rulers of pro Western- autocratic regimes to exploit oil and other valuable resources of those countries.As political analyst Matthew Rothschild had pointed out that Bin Laden killed far fewer innocent people in comparison to the U.S Presidents- Bush I and Bush II in Iraq and Afghanistan. And now Obama in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Yemen.It appears that although they do not support violent tactics of Bin Laden, the most of the current democratic movements in the Middle East have much in common with the vision of bin Laden"s imminent need of liberation of Arab nations from Western imperialism.This is something that the Western media do not want to report due to vested interests.On other hand ordinary Arabs do not to preffere to express their views due fear of persecution by their own autocratic governments often supported by Western powersAll of these leaders supported by the US and its allies in Middle East are ehither dictators or Kings and they were not elected by the people.The reason is these leaders allowed the US and it allies to have anything they want such as natural resources, strategic military bases, lucrative armed sales and oil refeneries .The US and its Western allies continue to preach about human rights while violating them in the non-Western countries by committing atrocities such as use of force, covert operations and ruthless economic sanctions which have caused widespread sufferings of innocent people.These are the root causes of terrorism and certainly these brutal acts of the US and its allies will creaet excellent breeding grounds for anti-Western sentiments among these people. (AM)
PD User at 2011-08-30124.43.249.*
Absolutely correct this is what they did in Iraq what they brought for Iraq people, an an ending trend of killings political instability and religious fractions.The Libyan situation would be much worst.This is a beaning of re-colonization. They will repeat the same in Iran,North Korea this is nothing else the NATO want to plunder and rob resources of poor countries.But they will not able to pursue their targets peacefully under the name of democracy and human right. Of course there will be more Al-quida. An ultimately entire region will become another Afghanistan.It is the duty of strong nations in Asia,Africa and North America to tackle the issue before its go from the bad to worst.
Canada at 2011-08-2970.36.49.*
NATO - man's inhumanity to man.

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