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West lashing out when faced with uncertain future

(Global Times)

08:37, August 24, 2011

To err is human. The West looks at the worsening financial crisis and political chaos in its own yard this way.

Mistakes are nothing new. Western countries have undergone various crises in the past.

This is not the first time the world has been mired in troubles started by a few countries. Other countries entangled in this imbroglio would naturally have their complaints heard by the troublemakers.

What is unusual is the West's reaction toward the criticism of other countries. The Economist recently published an article entitled What's Schadenfreude in Chinese, dismissing criticism from China and other Asian countries over the mess the West has created.

Schadenfreude, a German word, means to enjoy the troubles of others. There is a prevailing sentiment in the US and some European countries that Asian commentators would waste no chance to lambast the West in its time of trouble.

If Schadenfreude suggests anything similar, it is how the West usually reacts to mistakes in China, which has long felt judged by the West.

Western media look for every clue pointing at economic troubles and political instability in China. A street fight could be portrayed as a serious political movement. Bankruptcy in a few factories can be seen as a sign of a grave economic crisis. China has been shrouded in the shadow of imminent doom from a Western perspective.

The same media foretell doom in the East but chalk trouble in the West up to simple errors of judgment. It is difficult for the West to admit mistakes, and all the more difficult to swallow the bitter pills given by others. They are too used to setting the standards for less influential countries to follow.

And since when has the West lost its understanding toward criticism from Asia? There is a power shift, but no Asian countries believe the West will lose its dominance in world affairs anytime soon. Western agitation comes from fear of an uncertain future.


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wende at 2011-08-2571.255.89.*
westerners feel they are superior and they are greatly agitated when they are lectured by those they feel are more inferior, specially if the lecturers are non-white.
Canada at 2011-08-2470.36.49.*
I'm enjoying the troubles of the U.S. I hope they crash & crumble. They've caused decades of massive human suffering in the world.
Michelle Pawlenty at 2011-08-2498.207.151.*
"The Economist" is a typical China-bashing magazine. Just ignore it.
Rick Palin at 2011-08-2498.207.151.*
Amen to the excellent article! 'Some' Westerners are just plain arrogant (superiority complex).
Canada at 2011-08-2470.36.49.*
The U.S. is about the last country in the world I’d ever want to live in. They think they are the only people in the world that matter. They spew out hatred against any country they can’t dominate. They’ve caused so much human suffering worldwide and at home. The West controls the media & their propaganda & blatant lies are on par with Goebbels. They fear people in Western countries will follow in China’s footsteps, that’s why they try & smear China.

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