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London rioting ignited by what?

(China Daily)

10:34, August 12, 2011

London's riots did not break out accidentally.

In the wake of the riots, which have included looting, arson attacks, burglary and robbery, the chaos has spread to Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool and Nottingham. A 26-year-old man died after being shot on Monday night in London, the first death claimed by the riots.

The rioting is the worst in the United Kingdom since the 1980s. It began on Saturday when an initially peaceful protest against the fatal shooting by police of 29-year-old Mark Duggan in London's Tottenham neighborhood turned violent.

Around 16,000 police officers have now been deployed on London's streets, which it is hoped will put a stop to the violence. More than 600 people have reportedly been arrested around London since the start of the disruption.

The riots offer food for thought not just for the UK but also for other developed countries. They were the outburst and explosion of a society that has been suffering in silence and which had reached the tipping point.

Tottenham is home to many disadvantaged people. Haringey, the borough that includes Tottenham, has the fourth highest level of child poverty in London and an unemployment rate of 8.8 percent, which is double the national average.

Britain's economic woes and the axing of social benefits are an underlying cause of the riots. Young people's frustrations and a sense of unfairness, especially those without higher education, a job or money, finally turned into anger, and a single spark ignited the whole woodpile.

Frequent violent demonstrations in Europe indicate that developed countries are not immune from social unrest if people's concerns are not heeded. Besides bracing themselves for the consequences of their spluttering economies, industrial countries face new bottlenecks in promoting racial reconciliation, increasing employment and reducing the gap between the haves and have-nots.

The riots are a blow to Britain's economic policies and the belt-tightening measures Prime Minister David Cameron has introduced. Since the coalition government came to power just over a year ago, a slew of brutal government spending cuts and austerity measures have been imposed as a result of which the country has witnessed several strikes, trade union marches and student protests. This has pushed economically disadvantaged people to the brink. Those who are taking to the streets are people who have nothing to lose.

The riots have also exposed the failure by successive government to ensure social justice across all parts of society.

To contain any further troubles, the country will have to do more. In particular, every effort must be made to ensure the 2012 London Olympics are staged peacefully.


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John Kamau at 2011-08-14197.178.96.*
It shows that Capitalism is on the way out and has failed to deliver social and economic justice.
David at 2011-08-1381.145.102.*
Absolutely spot on! At last, an accurate account on why the riots have broken out, yet the leaders refuse to accept that it is they that have pushed the people to breaking point just as they refused to in the 1980"s. It is no co-incidence that when the poor, unemployed, and the disadvantaged are blamed and punished by their inept "leaders" who constantly refuse to listen to and refuse to accept that their ploicies are not only morally wrong but callous in the way they directly affect ordinary peoples lives, then the people are left with only one opltion to get their voices heard, which is precisely what they have done.
paul pawlowski at 2011-08-1291.194.221.*
wrongs are not solved by democratic elections- wrongs are turned into judaeofascist riots - jew murdoch accompliceso in libyaso in iraqso in iranso in londonlondon riots jew job led by jew squatpaul pawlowski KeeperMuzeum Sczytaja357 days to Flower on 3 stones HOLOCAUST Altar for ApolloLondon 2012 Restoring Festival of Holy Games in Honour of Apollo
PD User at 2011-08-12202.158.179.*
Tip of the iceberg. Whoever is voted into power, no improvements are seen in the life of the poor. Voting and elections turn out to be mere contrivances that create the impression of change when in fact the same bunch of powerful families manipulate the strings behind the scene.

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