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Zhouqu moves on after massive mudslide

(People's Daily Online)

15:07, August 10, 2011

On Aug. 8, officials from the Gansu CPC Committee and provincial government gathered in Zhouqu County, Gansu province to express condolences to the victims of a deadly mudslide that occurred one year ago. The officials discussed the post-disaster reconstruction work and developed plans for reconstruction work at the next stage in addition to paying tribute to all officers, soldiers and people engaged in relief and reconstruction efforts.

After the mudslide occurred, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council immediately sent disaster relief teams to Zhouqu County and mobilized considerable materials, human and financial resources to support the reconstruction of the county. The support from the central government has brought hope to local residents and greatly encouraged them to rebuild their homes. Furthermore, the people and governments in other parts of the country have made generous donations to the rebuilding of the county, making local residents truly feel the warmth of a socialist society.

With grateful hearts, the people of all nationalities in Zhouqu have united together and devoted themselves to rebuilding their home.

The Party committees and governments at all levels in the mudslide-hit areas conducted the preliminary work and carefully compiled reconstruction plans under the guidance of the Scientific Outlook on Development, aiming to build a new Zhouqu that will "make disaster-affected people satisfied and the people across the country assured."

After the State Council approved the reconstruction plan, Gansu Provincial Party Committee and government put almost all the efforts into the post-disaster reconstruction. Thanks to one year of efforts, the disaster-affected people have properly been relocated and the maintenance and reinforcement of rural and urban residential buildings have been completed.

The residential reconstruction projects for relocated people at Zhouqu County's original township and Fengdie New District as well as in Lanzhou are advancing as scheduled. A group of major projects are progressing smoothly and the ecological environmental restoration and geological disaster prevention work has produced substantial results. The post-disaster reconstruction work has achieved landmark progress.
The great disaster relief and reconstruction practice at Zhouqu has again reflected the paramount importance of the Party's leadership, the overwhelming superiority of the socialist system, the nature and roles of the People's Liberation Army, the trust and support of the people to the Party and the government, as well as the significance of the national unity and the solidarity of the people in China's peaceful development. It has also reflected the eternal values in the ideas of "when disaster strikes, help will come from all sides" and "self-reliance and hard work."

The process of a nation rising is usually the process of the nation being steeled. The natural disaster is a miserable thing that nobody wants to see. However, if a natural disaster is inevitable, our only right choice is to face it bravely and try whole-heartedly to overcome it. Fighting against disasters and difficulties is an inevitable way for the human beings to grow up and mature.

The disaster of the continued flood and mud-rock flow in Zhouqu was a painful tragedy and is also a serious test we need to pass. A great and wise nation could always learn more lessons and principles and master more scientific knowledge from disasters than from normal times so that it will compensate its losses caused by the disasters and improve.

Zhouqu's post-disaster reconstruction has not been finished yet. A lot of subsequent work still needs to be done and a lot of arduous and specific efforts still need to be made. However, it is glad for us to see that a vigorous new Zhouqu with improved ecologic environment, perfected facilities, safe living conditions, higher quality of life and harmonious society is emerging on the previous ruins. We can fully believe that, after being tested and hardened by this disaster, the people of Zhouqu will be tougher, more mature and more energetic, and the future of Zhouqu will be more prosperous and flourishing.


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