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China can tell story of the world

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

13:07, August 10, 2011

A Chinese media company acquired a long-term lease on a wide LCD ad screen in New York City's Times Square in early August, becoming the very first Chinese company branded in the square. Certain foreign media outlets called the screen a "window into China" at "the crossroads of the world."

Meaningful metaphor

China's rapid rise has exerted a profound and visible impact on the entire world. British philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote in "The Problem of China" in 1922, "All the world will be vitally affected by the development of Chinese affairs, which may well prove a decisive factor, for good or evil, during the next two centuries."

The world already knows that China adheres to the path of peaceful development. The country has left different impressions on the minds of different people, and more and more people are developing their own unique understanding of China.

The ad screen is close to certain screens rented by major Western news agencies and has been used to display promos for Chinese media, cities and brands over the past nearly 10 days. Placed at "the crossroads of the world," it serves as a window into China and its importance extends far beyond the scope of commercial ads. Undoubtedly, the main purpose of leasing the ad screen is to better introduce China to the world and to improve China's international image.

Any story will not be successful without genuine and believable details and impressive and touching plots. The story of China is not an exception. China's development is a long-term and arduous task. The contradictions and problems that China meets during its development process are extremely numerous and difficult.

For quite a long period of time, complexity has been an inevitable feature of the story of China. However, compared to the wonderful storyline, the courage showed by the people of China during its process of exploring unceasingly, making innovations bravely and overcoming difficulties stoutly is more astonishing.

Today, China is walking to the center of the global stage. China is not only being influenced by the world but also is influencing the world. While successfully telling the story of China, China also needs to successfully tell the story of the world. It is a requirement of the audiences and also a sort of homework that an emerging power needs to do.

China is capable of telling the story of the world successfully

While observing the direction in which China is headed, people should not only see the contradictions and disputes between China and some countries but also see China's sincerity and patience in dealing with the complex issues.

When the world's most powerful country considered rudely interfering in China's internal affairs through arms sales, China expounded on its principled position and expressed strong feelings that are indispensable to any dignified nation.

Furthermore, China has reiterated that the most powerful country should view the bilateral relations from a strategic and long-term perspective and take on the responsibility for the people in the two countries and in the world. When some neighboring countries attempted to internationalize their disputes with China on territorial sovereignty and maritime interests and even irrationally violated China's core interests, China clearly warned them that they would pay due consequences of their strategic miscalculations. Meanwhile, China is continuing to adhere to the diplomatic policy of fostering an amicable, secure and prosperous neighborhood.

Major country like China can surely tell global stories

Its confidence is derived from China's view of the times. China no longer needs to keep its basic views about the current world hidden. The diplomatic ideas of building a harmonious world with a long-lasting peace and common prosperity is deeply rooted in China's historical and cultural traditions and is an inevitable choice of China's peaceful development path.

The confidence is also derived from China's courage to bear its responsibility. As a major developing country, China should first properly handle its own development issues. Meanwhile, China should continuously present the image as a responsible major country through practical actions on the stage of United Nations Security Council, in dealing with multilateral affairs and the issue of promoting common development and in the process of advancing the global economic recovery.

The window of China is filled with endless charm.


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romanov at 2011-08-1180.94.16.*
2011-08-10.China to go okay way development Aptly to wait promote own's brand's for to confirm very good quality chinese product's.To know good opinion but to be a thorn in west side with reason system politic's.Therefore to become to put stumbiling block's in chinese it be a bulls sheet for western politician China?.
Walton at 2011-08-10174.6.21.*
Excellent article about China's story to be told, and I am sure the world is waiting for China to again take its place to bring Peace to the World.

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