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Recommended reader’s comments (Feb. 21)

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13:48, February 22, 2012

★ Read: New school rented to auto dealer

1. Posted by See at 2012-02-21 11:04:53
Is it a corrupt practice? Building that is for the purpose of schooling should not be for other uses. Even, short of fund the village committee should made an appeal to the central government or public for more donation. which is more important children or making money. Did the village committee think that children are our future leaders. (More)

★ Read: FM slams denial of Nanjing Massacre
2. Posted by CK at 2012-02-21 14:28:37
If I am the FM of China, I would not even bother to respond to any denial from any hot air blown by any Japanese on second war world, until the day they accept and apologize like what the Germans had done to the victims of second war world, the Japanese will carry the fear forever, so why bother about what they say, we are more concern with what they are going to do, just hope they learnt their lesson, and China would be more magnanimous. Facts speak louder than words, its history. (More)

★ Read: China takes responsible attitude towards Syrian people
3. Posted by JJ at 2012-02-21 22:56:57
Both Syrian and Iran needs China’s help to maintain peace and stability, China’s policy has been non-interference on other’s internal politics, but to assist Iran and Syrian by talking to the other super powers does not means interference, it just involvement in world peace mission and ensuring the interest of China is very much protected with out hurting anybody. Iran issue is very crucial to many countries including US and Europe, but the US arms producers may want a different scenario than peace. It is time for China get involve in international peace , as it is inevitable and improbable for China to escape and shy away now. China is a super power now, whether you like it or not. (More)


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