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Recommended reader’s comments (Feb. 18-19)

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13:05, February 20, 2012

★ Read: Crippling walk to school for polio girl

1. Posted ming at 2012-02-18 14:12:16
Yang is a little girl with courage and eagerness to progress. This is very good. Thanks to her mother and teacher and friends that help her. In this modern world...the medical equipment is available...should some hospital supply her the pair of Polio shoes that can help a bit...more or less. So that the girl can walk a bit better! (More)

★ Read: Huntsman criticizes Romney's China policy
2. Posted by Nic at 2012-02-19 12:00:50
One American said China pegged Yuan to US$ to show to the world that their currency is as good as US. The deficit is because of US"s firms off-shoring their businesses overseas (China) and importing them back their manufactured goods to US for sale. Somehow most American appear thick and never to understand and keep arguing that China is currency manipulator. If China is a currency manipulator and makes so much money, why US with all their intelligence and high tech cannot manipulate their currency and get an advantage over China? When Chinese official visited USA, they always said China must do trade on level playing field, why China did not ask them why they are restricting Chinese business man to go to USA to do business? Why should they restrict this and that to the Chinese? Why Americans are always pointing their fingers outwards? Do they not know that one finger points out, at least 3 fingers are pointing backward towards themselves? (More)


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