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Recommended reader’s comments (Feb. 6)

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13:54, February 07, 2012

★ Read: China halts 'one-sided' draft

1. Posted by Sam Teng at 2012-02-06 20:17:56
The Syrian crisis has resulted in many deaths on both sides of the divide. Let’s not cause more bloodshed. It’s a Syrian domestic affairs and no outside interference is warranted. The Syrians themselves will have to sit down and start the peace talks. Only then will there be lasting peace. China and Russia’s veto in the Security Council will pave the way for such talks; and the Syrians themselves must seize this opportunity before more innocent lives are lost. (More)

★ Read: Chinese consumers fill big Western shoes abroad
2. Posted by Tracker at 2012-02-06 16:43:30
I am Australian and my wife is Chinese and we live in Sydney. No, the purchasing power of Chinese is not being exaggerated, Chinese both abroad and local have an educated knowledge of quality and luxury goods and generally are prepared to pay for it. With quality and luxury the product also lasts much longer than cheaper alternatives so you do get value for money. Local purchasers tend to buy something cheap and when it breaks they throw it away and buy another cheap product also cheaper perfumes and cosmetics never seem to last. I guess the saleswoman thinks all Chinese are rich because we have some very wealthy local Chinese here who are wealthy partly because of their education and business sense and partly because of their Chinese upbringing and culture and understanding of money and ability to save and not waste and Chinese are beginning to holiday in Australia in greater numbers to our benefit. Lovely people too, I can say I have never met a bad Chinese tourist, with my limited Mandarin I always try and say hello and ask where in China are they from and get some wonderful smiles back. That’s not to say Chinese are easy customers, Chinese are very shrewd with bargaining and always walk out of the shop with a good deal so sales are not easy for the salesperson. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Australia and hopefully you will come back and see us again :-) (More)

★ Read: Anxiety, paranoia lead to US shooting from the hip
1. Posted by jyong at 2012-02-06 20:14:00
When China was occupied by other countries (including Japan) and its people murdered, it is perfectly acceptable. Now China is rising and hope the world gives it a bit of respect, this is called aggression. I am from an Asian country but I think we should accept China’s rise in a rational way - not with a pair of green eyes. (More)


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