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Recommended reader’s comments (Jan. 17)

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13:03, January 18, 2012

★ Read: China should take fight to US over Iran

1. Posted by PD User at 2012-01-17 21:41:05
I read in this comments, fear after fear about China regarding the USA. I am a 70 year old born in USA. Truly I have always seen much naive stupidity in American mentality like invading Iran and twice more than 50% of Americans electing 2 George Bush’s. This takes a certain blindness and simple minded awareness. However I see this in most every nation in the world. Mankind has created incredible inventions to both help and also destroy mankind. What great technical creativity, however human consciousness and awareness has not changed much since we left the caves. Open your minds people; stop killing each other in the name of this god or that god, one nation against the other, one skin color against another. We are all from the same energy that moves behind all that is in the universe and more so we are all traveling on this planet. We need to stand as truly Human Beings against the selfish, greedy and power hungry. Know we are all from the same Source, we have loving hearts and care for others we love to live and prosper. WE must stand more together as Human Beings. (More)

★ Read: China 'fully committed' to India ties
2. Posted by Mishra,India at 2012-01-17 16:21:08
People both sides have to understand that there are war hawks, fear salesmen, arms sellers, media goons etc well funded Lobbies which will do their best to put a wedge and we(Asians) being emotional people get carried away with populous sentiments most of the times. Apparently as the world is getting smaller and as people are interacting often now people don’t fall prey to such tactics. Let people to people cooperation thrive and that’s the answer. Chindia should dominate this century. (More)


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