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Recommended reader’s comments (Jan. 7-8)

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13:50, January 09, 2012

★ Read: Surface area of Poyang Lake shrinks to less than 200 square km

1. Posted by ming at 2012-01-07 17:52:33
It is the fact that if human destroy more of nature, then nature will destroy more from us. and protect the nature. Live with harmonies to nature, don’t be too greedy, don't only take..give it back too. (More)

★ Read: Pentagon plan changes game in Asia
2. Posted by Robert Carrier at 2012-01-07 07:26:43
The US-China relationship will be the most important relationship in the world for the coming decades. It will benefit both nations if we approach this in a rational, pragmatic way. There is peace and prosperity for both countries if we exhibit wisdom. (More)

★ Read: What is behind US 'Return-to-Asia' strategy?
3. Posted by jane tse at 2012-01-08 11:30:23
What China and all other Asian countries have to do is to stick to their own goal, peaceful development and prosperity of the nation and the people. When we have a clear goal, our government would not be derailed. The problem is, the US gets use to playing the trick "divide-and-rule", which is to sponsor opposition and subversive elements on grounds of human rights and self-determination so as to blackmailing, destabilize and even overthrow governments. How to avoid the trap of Western human rights is to prioritize majority goods. Of course, individual politicians might find it easier to bribe the US for self-interest rather than working against the current and against the super military power for national interest. This is what we Asian people have to aware of and stand firm from foreign intervention. US return-to-Asia means we Asian people have to be on guard. (More)


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