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Recommended reader’s comments (Jan. 5)

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13:57, January 06, 2012

★ Read: It is the China naysayers who are doomed to fail

1. Posted by Lovingchina at 2012-01-05 12:03:15
It is so idiotic of a person like Gordon change who was cheered on by western media thinking "he was the king of naysayers" with his hilarious doom-pointing compass. He should have meant EU and USA were likely candidates to be doom-hit in 2012 ten years ago, then he could become a hero; but now a zero-hero with western despise since the game played indigenously well did not come off the way it was designed! Stop being another big New Year dummy tool of another kind!! (More)

★ Read: Dog executed by airport after Beijing flight
2. Posted by Lisa at 2012-01-05 12:17:35
This kind of incident is happening worldwide. It is a shame. The airlines have got to be more careful and they should all require metal hardware and doors on the kennels and all kennels should have hand releasable cable ties on the door to ensure the door stays closed and secure during the flight and until the pet is re-united with the owners. Very sad and yet a common issue here in the USA and Canada as well. (More)


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